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Prodromic dreams?

"Prodromic dreams" are dreams that give an indication of an illness of which a person is not consciously aware. For example, an uncomfortable series of dreams about clogged pipes could refer to an impending blood-vessel problem. Perhaps such dreams suggest that the unconscious has becomes aware of tiny symptoms long before they can be consciously perceived. The dream provides the communication channel to consciousness....

Do you feel that prodromic dreams provide any special insight into the nature of reality? More information on prodromic dreams can be found here.

I remember my grandmother once having a dream about standing on the end of a bridge that was collapsing. It had broken in the middle. A few days later, she was having difficulty chewing and noticed that her dental bridge had cracked neatly down the center.

I've had a few dreams in which the circumstances coincided either symbolically or directly with minor health problems.

From my observational evidence, there are instances in which prodromic dreams *can* provide insight into explicate reality.
I believe dreams can provide insights into reality and illness. The body may be made of separate parts but it is unified in wanting to survive.
This sounds like a form of divination.

I suspect the universe speaks to us in every perception, not just dreams. Some people specialize: tea leaves, stichomancy (see Galactic Question on this), runes, tarot, etc. and dreams. I think you could throw some loose change on the floor and latch on to the first impression you get when you "interpret" the meaning. If it works, then you have the gift.

I don't remember having a dream where I've been able to connect a symbol or archetype to an actual event, but then I can be dense at times. I probably don't have the gift.

At about 18 years of age, I had a dream where I experienced an event one day in the future. It was very specific and contained unexpected elements I could not have predicted. There were no symbols or archetypes; what I saw was simply the way it turned out to be.

It was enough to convince me, however, that doorways in perception exist that let the universe speak to us.
I think dreams can reveal things to us. I was once able to fix a satelite dish reciever when it stopped working when I was told twice in a dream what to do. And it worked. I have also had several dreams with people that I don't know at the time nor seen, and then meet them later in my life. And I know you can get answers to you questions about guidance in your life through dream interpretation. And one guy I heard about (there was a segment on a TV show recently about him) and he was able to build something that allows fluorescent lights to be dimmed through instructions he was given in a dream one night. And it took him 2 years to figure out how and why in it worked after he tried his dream.
Not only do I believe that prodromic dreams can be accurate, I also think we could diagnose our own illnesses when we're awake, if we were alert to the signals our bodies are trying to give us.
The dream world is a complete mystery to me. I have never been able to figure out a blessed thing about my dreams.
On the other hand, to the Aborigines, dreamland is reality. Who am I to say?
There may be something to dreams that give insight & foretell the future, among other things.
But let me just ask this question. There are six & one half billion people on earth which means there are probably some where in the neighborhood of what? twelve to twenty-five billion dreams a day?
Are people told something in dreams billions of times a day? How in mercy's sake would you know if you were being told something?
I'm not saying dreams don't mean anything, but with that many dreams, "hitting" occasionally could very well be coincidence.
Can't dreams just be your sub-conscious taking a well deserved break? Sometimes I think I'm the only person who allows for that possibility.
Remembering my dreams well, in some good detail, is difficult for me. The ones I remember well are long, intense dreams, or the very violent.

If I was to train myself to remember & succeeded, it bothers me that I could easily read things in that weren't there. How would you discern which were really telling something from the vast majority which were not?

With the mind & body being totally integrated, dreams could be giving information. But would it not come in "riddle" or as polygonwrangler stated "symbolic" form?
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