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What do you believe to be true?

What do you believe to be true that your friends usually do not believe to be true?

I believe that in the future all neeedless or mind-numbing jobs will be done by machines that are powered by sattelites built near the sun so they collect solar power, leaving us more time to create longevity drugs and learn more in general. My friends don't because it would change tooo many things and the government wouldn't go for it.
I believe that the Matrix could actually happen.
I believe the Matrix actually is happening!
I believe that robots are stealing my luggage.
I believe that we probably don't have free will.
I believe that once the up-coming mining expedition to the moon results in the removal of that orb's cheese center, we will have to find a planet full of crackers.
I believe that we are in a realistic virtual reality game, and I also believe that parallel universes exist.
I believe that the core of the Earth is a giant mega-crystal, and not
molten at all. It is possible, although not likely, that our sould transit to the mega-crystal upon our deaths.
I believe that God loves me.
That eating boogers can help prevent a cold
There is no god. We are emergent configurations of matter that happen to be here by chance. The leap of faith is a leap of insane subjugation. Nobody died for your sins; sin is a fiction.
I believe a new wave of anarchism will save the world by ending party dictatorships and global corruption
I believe an advanced race of beings called the Anunnaki created humans 200,000 years ago by mixing their genes with an existing primate, Homo erectus, and put us on the road to civilization.
My name is Al, and I'\m the first guy who posted about The future, and I also believe that The consciousness problem is so complex because the human mind is a hologram, and so no one sub-routine causes consciousness as such, but that the human mind creates time as a way of viewing the universe, which I also believe to be a hologram hiding the "hidden variable" that stabilizes the universe.
I don't use the "b-word" believe, because it implies holding something to be true without any evidence. That said, I think religion is a joke & there is no god but the human brain.
I believe religion is the root of all modern evil.
I believe order is possible without hierarchy.
I believe in Bigfoot.
I believe in treating others the way you want to be treated would solve a multitude problems.
I believe evolution will one day create God... and that God will be a machine capable of simulating every thing that has ever occurred, hence granting afterlife for all.
I believe time travel is possible.
I believe Jesus is a myth and that no one can prove any such person ever actually existed, as no such evidence exists. Being a former, recovering Christian myself I find myself quite at odds with my friends, who still believe that Jesus existed and came to redeem the world. I often ask them, "redeem the world from WHAT?"
Existence can be neither proved nor disproved
I believe that sex isn't harmful to children.
Religions are the source of most of the world's problems. "Faith" by its nature demands blind acceptance of the irrational and persecution of non-believers. People and nations would be better off if empathetic practice of the "Golden Rule" were the norm. I am content in accepting that my existence is but a space between the oblivion from whence I come and the oblivion to which I eventually go.
I believe in nothing and everything all at once; the ultimate paradox and contradiction if you will. No one I know really agrees with me, if they manage to grasp the concept at all. (And to the person who posted about the Anunnaki, I once stumbled across a neat article dealing with such a subject. Interesting indeed.)
I believe it is possible to live a healthy life without the consumption of animal (by)/products. I am living proof.
I believe I'm in a dream machine at the supermarket, and you're all made up.
I believe George Bush and some of our government had a hand in 9/11. The people who founded this great nation would be appalled to see it in it's current state.
I believe that there is a way to build a 70% efficient internal combustion engine for normal everyday cars. I also believe I know how to do it.
I believe that the edge of the observable universe is the event horizon of a virtual inverted black hole. There is so much matter beyond the red shift max that light cannot escape it. This could occur if the universe were infinite and would certainly occur evin if the unobservable universe were only really really humungous. It kind of argues for the old steady state theory and does explain the recently discovered acceleration of the expansion that cosmologistes seems to be in agreement with.
I believe we're all interconnected in ways we'll never really know.
everyone's ok
I believe that if sex education is going to be taught in the schools, then it should just be the mechanics of impregnation and prevention.
Any discussion of "lifestyles" and morals should be left to parents.
I believe that multiculturalism is a lie. The very basis of culture and national identity is rooted in creating boundaries of otherness. In essence one defines his cultural stance negatively, as 'opposed to...' barbarous culture X, and never positively. An Armenian asserts his culture by hating the turks/azerbaijanies, a frenchmen by his disdain for english and german cultures, and a canadian by his non-americanness. To create a multiverse of different cultures under one social setting is doomed to fail. At best it will result in stripping a culture from its dignity - by disallowing its fundamental need for cultural elitism - and at worse a constant state of tension and war. It is the unfortunate truth that the 'friend enemy' duality will exist as long as there are independant human cultures. Even the most openminded liberal among us will create this boundary of alterity with those whom he considers closeminded. If world peace is every achieved it will be a signal of the simultaneous death of all autonomous culture and thought.
I believe that the only difference between the priest and the aethiest is the object of their faith. They both believe in something they can not prove.

I believe that there is room for both God and science. I believe that God is nothing like what we might imagine.

I believe that once we get the creation of androids down the first thing they will be used for is sex. I believe that that day will see the last generation of humans because no one will put up with a messy, annoying human when you can guy a girl friend with a mute button.

I believe that people who believe in God and those who dont should just relax a bit. Neither is as bad as the other thinks they are.

I believe the feudal Japanese had it right when they placed actors in the same social class as tanners, grave diggers, chamber pot cleaners and prostitutes.

There is more but I believe I have to go to bed.
I believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent and in doing good to all men. If there is anything virtous, lovely or of good report I seek after those things.
School rankings be damned. I believe Cornell is the best Ivy.
Rankings be damned. I believe Cornell is the best Ivy.
I believe that the universe we know is just one in a series of universes that have existed througout eternity. I believe that the universe's expansion will slow, and reverse, and then the universe will eventually collapse. At that moment, it will explode again into another universe, to start again.

I believe that the way great minds in our future get around the inevitable collapse is to take advantage of faster-than-light-speed travel technology (the folds in space idea, perhaps) on a large scale to shift their civilization beyond the event horizon of the collapsing center of the universe. This way, they are not subject to the effects of the collapse, and can exist forever.

I like to believe that they may contact us.
Flesh is the tower. The brain is processor and memory. The senses are multimedia ports. The organs are the power supply. DNA is software. The solar system is the shell. Earth is our desktop. Space is wallpaper. A virus is a virus. Death is a blue screen. Reboot.
i believe that the universe is in the process of realising itself through the consciousness which has evolved in our brains
I believe that unconditional compassion and love are both the most important and the most difficult concepts to practice in this cycle of life. There is simply no other thing worthwhile doing.
I believe women should be placed on a pedestal just high enough that we can look up their skirts.

--Steve Martin
I believe that Allah is all powerfull and all knowing, and our world is in a stage of creation, but not complete.
I believe that non-human intelligent beings have, with malicious intentions, started some of humanity's religions, by performing what appeared to be miracles.
Sometimes it's easy to forget and I have to remind myself that I believe in the human race.
i believe when everything comes crashing down ill be there standing in the dust and ashes with my black flag, or my shadow might be burned into the last standing building on the last corner in the last city on earth proundly holding my middle finger high over my head.
What I believe is not important. The truth is not important. The important questions are "Am I happy?" and "Do I make other people happy?".

Believing things only makes you happy if you believe and go on. Making your beliefs important is the end of happiness.
I believe that gravity wave's created by super nova state matter
pushed the center of the universe outward via ripple effect. This theory can be proven using duck's and a pond. I also believe that the
speed of light is not constant throughout the universe due to these wave's stretching space/time and effecting the movement of matter. Remember, you heard it here first!
I belive that mankind should be a race of science, driven by proof not biblical fairytales. I don't think we have the time or the space
to just sit here and wait for the hand of a so called god to swoop down and abolish our suffering. I think we should get out there and make our own purpose. The universe is just waiting to be discovered. we would be ignorant to pass up a chance to become our own god's. Wipe away your fear, and religion does not exist. Do we spend our precious time fearing punishment from something that may not exist, or do we take the first step to prove once and for all that free will is more powerful than any god.
I believe in miracles where you from
you sexy thing.
ibuleve in captain wow.
I believe there's a giant government conspiracy that will ultimately lead to the demise of the world, or at least the further deteoriation of our society. I don't think my friends believe that...
I believe that the belief or non-belief in a god is equally logical or illogical.
I believe belief is a belief in believing.
i believe that internet is evolving in such a way that a new, incredibly complex, consciousness will arise out of it. i'm not talking about an AI here. what i mean is that internet is evolving consciousness of its own, with ever increasing rates of self-organization.
I believe if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.
I believe God is a collective life energy existing in everyone and everything. This energy has an order which our brains do not (yet?) have the capacity to comprehend. When we die, we must chose to be sucked back into the collective energy in order to be recycled.
I know from personnal experiences that reality is not as it appears to be. This knowledge shapes my beliefs. Some of my beliefs are: Each of us has to find our own truth.It will require many lifetimes to do so.It cannot be acquired from authority.It is very hard to experience something which goes against your beliefs.
I believe that 666 is hidden in every barcode just as the bible predicted.
666 UPC <~~~~ Google
I believe that marijuana needs to be legalized and that religion in general and christianity in particular does much more harm to society than drugs ever could.
I believe that if I believe in something too strongly, too seriously and for too long, I will be shutting down a good portion of my brain which will keep me from believing a whole host of other things that just may turn out to be bigger truths, better sollutions, more creative approaches or healthier associations; therefore, I believe in EVERYthing, but only a little bit and in sloppy, cyclic intervals. This keeps me happy, and growing. I believe that tomorrow, I will wonder what made me believe this.
I believe that all living creatures scientifically proven or deemed insane are in touch with, and influenced by an incredible intelligence, numerous psychic abilities and supernatural forces beyond human comprehension.
I believe nothing
I believe in everything and nothing. Everything is possible and impossible.
Belief creates and destroys the real and the nonexistant. None of us know what the heck is going on and everyone is just running with the best theories at hand. I believe in a smiling face smoking a pipe, forever!
I believe everything is unique, therefore unique is nothing.
I believe the world is fundamentally violent and unjust. Mass media has allowed people to bear witness to this, but does not give them the tools to properly cope with it. I believe people should spend more time worrying about what's happening on the street they live than what's happening halfway across the world. Unless, of course, they have an inexhaustable amount of power and/or money. Otherwise it's pointless and not worth the stress. Life was so much simpler when nothing existed beyond where you could walk in a day.
I believe that Rich Dad/Poor Dad guy is the devil. He will impregnate Suze Orman and their offspring will be the next Hitler.
I believe my friends are crazy.
I believe in a truth that says,
might as well be right in the center of the blasts when the nukes finally touch down.
'Better to make it quik & painless; best not be caught down wind.'...
I believe I'll have another beer... Dean
I believe America has one of the most backward societies in the world today, driven by bigotry, and unable to dissociate economic priorities and the sanctity of suffrage from religious fanaticism.

I also believe one day Americans will realize they need to vote irresponsible idiots out of power.
I believe that while we are moving through our observable, classic universe -- the one where entropy laws rule and time moves forward to increase decay in physical terms -- we are also moving through another dimension, one we're not equipped to percieve, where all things move toward higher complexity and resolve. On a person level, people always fulfill their logical ends.
I believe that the CEO of Wal-mart is a clone of Hitler from Brazil.
I believe that God is an Englishman, but he emigrated to New Zealand.
I believe nothing is ever as it seems, but moreso, people are never who they pretend to be. I have lost faith in humanity. Ironically, by losing it, I have become one of them.
I believe in Frisbeetarianism. I believe that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and nobody can get it down.
i believe that white people came from outer space and only black people are indigenous to Earth.
I believe the vast majority of people have absolutely no business either getting married or having children. Most people make lousy spouses (50% divorce rate) and mediocre parents (watch the news) no matter how good their intentions or how hard they try.
I believe that if you can take a dick you can take a joke.
I believe in Santa Claus!
I believe that the indigo children are going to make a giant leap in the human race and build very advanced machinery and that in 2012, something amazing is gonna happen. I have already seen it.
"I beleive"
" That I believe " My pictures describe what I beleive.
I believe that one day, in the near future, the recently deceased will rise from their death beds and begin attacking the living with the intention of consuming our flesh. I am quite serious about this belief, but most of my friends laugh at me. Still, I wait...prepared and ever vigilant. Who are they all going to run to when hordes of the undead are standing at their doors trying to steal a taste of their brains? They won't be laughing then.
I believe, like the ancient Mayans, that time is circular. We have been here before. We will be here again.
I believe in Jesus as one of three Persons of the only God. Even more: I trust Him.
If we were to have enough sex (and some selective breeding) in space, I believe conciousness and the monkey body would adapt for space travel.
I believe that the primary duty of humanity at this time is to free consciousness from the gravity well. It matters not whether it travels forth in the form of flesh or machine.
I believe that we are living in a world where no one really knows whats going on and never will
I believe tolerance is the answer
to world peace.
that i do not control myself. i see myself as a (somewhat complex ) 4-dimensional spacetime object, continuously created by a higher-dimensional trans-personal 'self'. also, my time stream need not be linear when i consider that when i experience memories, it is always happening 'now'.
i believe that all religions are related and that GOD sends them each their own reedemer
I suspect that nothing may be real.
I believe in entropy
i believe that using psychedelic drugs lets you get closer to understand this complicated universe and everything in it :)
I firmly believe that it is a mistake to have firm beliefs.
I believe that I am not a virgin
I believe that I am the only entity ever to have existed and that this is all an illusion I have made to spare me the hideous pain of lonelyness.
Any problems I encounter have been put there by me so that I Learn certain things and have more fun from life.

This is just another form of religion, Selfism.
That the Universe is big enough to contain and vindicate any two clauses no matter how contradictary
of each other they may be!
I believe that has a message and a symbol that will change the world as we know it in 2006!
Chuck Norris can kick my butt.
I believe that vegetarians are doing cattle and pigs a great disservice because if we all stopped eating them then the farmers would not breed them and they would not have any life at all. Most cattle is only alive because we eat them
I believe I'll eat that last slice of pizza and drink that last beer.
dog like animals evolved to live in the water for several thousand years then evolved back into land animals and are now humans
I believe, nay I know that: American's are raised like sheep to feed the fire's of a false dream, created by the wicked mind's of the wealthy. The masses are working too hard, for too little, for too long, for such a small piece of pie. and I know that many who read this have been raised not to believe it. I believe in truth.
I believe that ultimately, everyone believe's what they need to believe. Not what they want to believe. for example... If I said that I believed that mankind originated from candyland, I would be concidered a nut. And what effect would that have on my resume? Our true belief's are surpressed for fear of ridicule, So
the real answer to this question, should be... I believe what you want me to believe.
I believe that certain areas of the United States are too dissimilar to remain in the same, federal political union. San Francisco and northern Louisiana should not be in the same country. Yes, there are commonalities. But I would say that the culture of San Francisco has much more in common with most of England, for example, than with most of Wyoming. I love every state in the US - great cultures, great diversity. I wish them all well. But the nation is too fragmented politically and culturally. Happily this fragmentation is grouped by rough geography, and so it would not be too hard to demarcate new national boundaries. This should not be done with violence - absolutely not. But simple secession referendums would do.
Or alternatively, an increase of states' rights vis a vis the federal government would work - we could be modelled instead on the looser union of the EU - or what the EU is moving towards.
I believe that indigo children are pyschopaths in reality.They are not here to advance society but in fact set it back.
i believe that 9/11 will be remembered as the waterloo of the existing establishment
I believe in ghosts. My dog saw one - really.
I believe that "GOD" is an ultimate xerox machine that copies the creative intent of itself (us) in every thing we THINK (astral resonant manifestation), SAY (aural resonant manifestation), and DO (physical resonant manifestation). I understand "GOD" to be our pallette of creation. The present moment is the only "time" that truly ever exists.
I believe that truth is the denial of falsehood. Everyone has met untold hordes of falsehoods he may confidently deny. You're damn right!
I believe chickens have great talons.
the human body has potential capabilities which are ,for all intents and purposes, superhuman and that the term "Placebo Effect" is one of the most profound evasions of the current medical era!
I believe that all the posts signed "anonymous" are from the same individual who is obviously on drugs if not on some lethal combo of drugs and religion.
i love me.
i don`t see much evidence that others love themselves in any meaningful way.
I believe that atheism is a form of Christianity.
I don't believe I am as deserving of unconditional love as I do believe everyone else is.
I believe in the Mosaic Light melding into the Abrahamic light, as Above, so below, in a one-dimensional ouroboric, moebiusian strip, aka the "crystal cord." The Living Mosaic Light of the Soul learns to remember its first estate and Love, by successive incarnations promoting mastery in Mater, Matter. The coherency of the soul-field is increased from outer waking consciousness to lucidity, e.g. in dreams, thence to intentional out-of-body activity, thence to enrollment in the Universities of the Spirit (vide "Watch Your Dreams," Ann Ree Colton; "The Masters and Their Retreats," Mark L. Prophet; and "Light Is a Living Spirit," Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov).
I believe that people who percieve themselves to be too intelligent to believe in God are not as intelligent as they think they are!
I believe that belief itself is meaningless.
We have technology right now that can end world hunger!!! Its up to US the many against the few in power.
I believe that ideas often control men more than not. Religion, nationalism, racism, patriotism, sectarianism, any set of philosophical thought - are all subconscious attempts by man to forge self-identity by creating an "us" to be a part of, and simultaneously a "them" to despise and act againt - all this revolving around a simple, immaterial idea.

That being said, I believe beliefs are ultimately nothing but cracks in the mortar of mankind. I believe they can do nothing but divide.
I believe that modern medical science is a bad thing. I think most of it is a very profitable hoax. I believe that even the successful parts of medicine are bad for the human species, and the greatest effect medicine has is to reverse the process of natural selection. Assuming this continues, eventually only those without access to medical care and those who decline it will be fit for survival.
I believe in soy beans.
I have always believed that we exist in an enclosed system, namely our universe. Nothing dies and everything is connected. We just change from different forms of existence. I have instinctively known this all my life, way before I got interested in metaphysics, science, spirituality etc. I have know this since I was a working class kid from the streets of Dublin. Later in life I began to read feverishly and seek out information on Science, Philosophy, theology trying to understand this universe and in so my self better. Through this journey my childhood views have only been strengthened.

I believe we are on the event horizon of something truly amazingly, the unifying theory science is desperately seeking is consciousness and I get the distinct impression excuse the pun the world is waking up to this right now.

I live in hope that the 2012 prophecies are true and that much like butterflies were are about to go through an amazing transformation. For the good of humanity, the needless suffering and the truly saddening greed and corruption we live with, I hope and pray if you could call it that, that we live to see a brighter more compassionate and loving reality in the near future.
I believe a little please and thank you goes a long way
I believe that "god" was created as a way to explain the unexplainable and unknown by early man. That by doing this he eased his fears and was brought comfort.
I beleive the universe is infinite. So ununderstandably large that no mortal being could possibly truly comprehend it.

Example: if the universe is infinite (for this example it is), Then there are an infinite amount of Earths. Furthermore there are an infinite "could be" Earths, on an infinite amount of Earths i am sitting writing this, but also im writing something else, or im a dog, or i don't exist at all.
Finally: everything with a remote possibility MUST happen not once but an infinite amount of times. That means everything from one dog dying to Interdememsional creatures live in each and every person's nose.
I believe that the only creatures in the universe which are blessedly good are Golden Retrievers & Dolphins.
I guess that means to describe God you would say he is furry, wags his tail, swims & is happy all the time.
An it harm none, do what ye will.

If you're a good person, religion should not matter. Pretty sure Whatever higher power there is isn't egotistical enough to punish for harmless alternative beliefs.rnative beliefs.
Actually, my close friends & I pretty much agree on what's true.

The only exception I know of is I wonder if people are born basically evil & have to be taught all good. Most parents spend most of their time doing just this.

If people were turned loose & taught nothing but language, what would we have? Does "Lord of the Flies" come to mind as just one thing?

I don't know the answer to this yet.
I believe in "i before e except after c" and can't believe how many people misspell believe.
I believe that we are the universe, that is, just as one drop of water pervades the oceans, our lives pervade the entire universe, both physcially and spiritually. That the universe was not created, but has always existed,so the elements that we are composed of have always existed in one fofm or another.We will never "not exist",but will experience life according to the causes we make.
i believe that we all must come to our own conclusion but i believe there world needs a king. we need a king like alexander. Because the time shall come in the year 2012 when the mayan calender ends and the planet nibiru returns that homo-sapiens must stick together and we need to be rid of the false kings of today that have us all in slavery like the matrix if you dont believe what i say and dont realize it where do you think your money goes when you spend it right back to the people that will come back to you to put in the company that pays you and those that own these large corps. get rich off of us think about do you think the owners of the mta take the bus or the train but they raise fares do you trully believe that the reason why car insurance is high in major cities like ny california because of accidents or that there is a mta(billion dollar business)which if you cant afford a car you must take that service but then if this true are we really free do we truly have freedom of speech and did you notice in every major country the leaders are rich in order to get back control of this planet we need to stand up and get tid of the leaders that control this planet because its a game to them(our lives) we fear because we are forced to fear because these government has mastered the technique of using the people to police the people while we die and they get richer these rich people are known as the illuminati which is highly connected in every government please look up three world wars on google. Religion is another source of there control religions date back to 2500 bc was not man here before that for more information on that please look up zetcharia sitchin and read about the annunaki and the sumerian civilization i can go all day and prove these things i speak about but we are in slavery and it is time to take back what is rightfully ours
I believe it is possible to use reason intelligence diplomacy and empathy to end all war forever. I believe it is within the scope of human-ness to choose this. Apparently many, including friends, do not.
I believe in deductive reasoning.
I believe that people get abducted, but not by aliens. I believe that what we think are aliens are actually a species one or two steps ahead of us in the evolutionary chain, they have mastered time travel, and come here to learn about the past.

Also, I believe that although I can only see half of her face, Eureka is very hot.
I believe that beliefs are subject to change, thus I never profess any concrete beliefs in things concerning reality/existence/god/afterlife/etc

For instance, I personally don't "believe" in ghosts, but at the same time I consider it arrogant to assume that other people haven't seen them.

I'm consistently watching people be wishy-washy over their beliefs (Atheists who say the afterlife is ludicrous one moment, than acknowledge that they really don't know; friends who say that having children is the most selfless act possible, but then acknowledge their selfish intentions for having children)
I believe that the total power of the universe is within and around us. Our lives are immersed in it and are merged with it.

I believe that if I wish to change anything in the universe, all I have to do is change my mind.

I believe the color blue is only that color because someone told me it was, if I had learned that "red" was blue, then it would be... conversely, "red" may actually be blue, and my friends may think it is green. My favorite color is blue.
I believe in coyotes, and time as an abstract. I believe my shirt is wearing thin.
i believe in santa claus. he's a verifiable as any other super being or g-d. i like him better than the others. he's happy, likes good food and gives gifts. he's a natty dresser too.
I'll Be Leavin'
I believe that nothing can truly be known, that no one knows how to properly use an 's anymore and it's driving me nuts, that corporations destroyed America and will in turn destroy the Earth, and that a massive EMP strike from the sun (or possibly several well placed low yield nuclear bombs) will shut down the power grid globally; thrusting us back into darkenss and choas forcing us back into a tribal system of government which will have the unforseen effect of saving the Earth and the human race from extinction. Oh, and I believe in run on sentances.
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