Sunday, January 22, 2006


Which image?

If we type my last name, Pickover, into the Google image search, we find an amazing array of images -- from computer graphics, to creatures, to startling people. Which image do you like best?


Looks fun!

Neato...two psychedelic moonchickies cuddling or something....
Fractals by Jas Leys. This one's in the Invaders From Mars gallery.

...reality never had it so good
pickover - Google Image Search

Clifford A Pickover's Home Page Lo.
Abstract violet-blue image
"Multi Fractals"
www.umich edu by Todd McKinney.
I love it. I saw this & the other 18 pages didn't even matter.
I was looking for a mermaid & didn't see one so I'll choose
Rather than choose from yours, I decided to choose from mine. I typed my last name in & about all I got was some dippy little town in Wisconsin.

That's ok, not much else in my life is exciting either.
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