Monday, August 21, 2006


Little pills?

You are given a bottle of pills. If you take a pill, you will be healthy and not age for five hundred years. Do you take the pill? Do you give any of the pills in the bottle to others?

Five hundred years? Oh my! Do I have to live that long?! ;)

Seriously, I don't think I take the pills. For one, life is about change-yourself and the world. I wouldn't want to stay the same. Two, if I could give pills to everyone, that'd be different than if I had to pick and choose who I'd give them to.

And if you could give them to everyone, no one ages...would babies be born? Afterall, if everyone is staying the same, would new babies evolve?

No, I'd flush these pills down the drain before anyone could take them...even though getting old can be hard emotionally and physcially. I believe that there is great joy in all stages of life and with the bad comes GOOD!
Hell, Yeah! The sad truth of my life is that I have no real companions and I don't want any either. After having seen a lot of irrational and pitiful human behaviour, I have anchored my life completely to my own psychological well-being. 500 years Ahoy!
As great as life can be, there is no way in the world, under any conditions that I would want to live 500 years.
I'm not even convinced that I would want to live forever in an afterlife.
I would destroy the pills. It makes me queasy to think of who might get the pills & actually live that long.
The initial supposition of a five hundred year future is most likely a factual delusion. Between global warming, continued global industrialization, technologized war,overpopulation,AIDS, and surreal economic inequity a dark age or no age looms. Many ecologists project unlivable environmental conditions while George Bush and Osama Bin Laden, (equals in early medieval intelligence)(big monkeys with holy books), work zealously toward Armageddon. I will not have the opportunity to decide what to do with pills that will never be invented.
I would break each pill into 10 parts and give each part to a child with a terminal disease. Then each one would have at least a 50 year life span. But then we would have the problem of which children receive the pills? As an afterthought I guess I would crush them and give them all to the birds to eat then they could sing for 500 years.
I would crush the pills and put it in the water supply, I assume the effects would be diluted but not lost, thus giving a lot of people a little longer lifespan and a resistance to some diseases.
I would take one of the pills and destroy the rest so I'll be the only person to live 500 years and become rich and famous.
Yes, but only in five years. (When I'm twenty-one, physically the prime of life I think.) I would love to not have any health problems, and not age, guaranteed, for five hundred years.
I would give one pill to scientists to study and hopefully replicate, then I'd do ncik666's idea.
I'd definitely need to a great deal about these pills, their origin, and the person handing me the bottle, before feeling equipped to make such a decision; and the answer would still most likely be 'no thank you'. And....what happens once 500 years have passed???
I'd take the pill! Assured good health is the most important part. Living 500 years might or might not be a good thing, but if the world falls apart too much, you could always make your own exit.
With the remaining pills I'd give the same choice to some friends and family members and hoard the rest for future deserving individuals.
Yes, I would take the pills. There are so many things I would like to accomplish; however, I want them accomplished on my terms. That said, I would not share those pills with anyone, for even though I might be tempted to share the pills with those I perceived to share my vision, I know I cannot control how their vision will change over time. With great effort, I can control mine.
taking pills... been there, done that... had my years of sobriety, too... BOTH ARE OVER-RATED.
500 years? i don't think so...
life is long enough as it is...
too long, really... considering the stupid repetition and senseless brutality and humiliation of it all...
eternal life? i sure hope not...
it must really suck to be god...
having to listen to 6 billion people pray 'please give me money' all day and night must give ya an awful headache....
Seriously, I would in a heartbeat...
I figure if I had the pills, the temptation to take them would be too great, so while it'd be nice to crush them or distribute fractions of the pill, I would probably still take at least one. Self-preservation is instinctual. I'm not sure I believe the world will still be around for even 200 years, but I'm a little curious to see what mankind does with itself. However, there is a little voice in my head that says by extending my life unnaturally, I'm pretty much damning myself.
I can't read the label on the bottle, but say there are 100 pills in the bottle.

I would build my own Noah's Ark, of sorts. I'd choose fifty pair of my favorite animals, birds, & marine life & give them each a pill.

With any luck at all, the world might be blessed with these creatures & their offpring for 500 years.

I do not personally know any people, to my knowledge, that want to live 500 years.

In fact, the more I think about that, the scarier it gets.
No way. I'd bury the pills someplace where they'd be unlikely ever to be found.
If I knew that things would stay the same for me (example: love life) then I'd give it to my partner so we could remain the same forever. 500 years might be a bit extreme, but I bet a lot of people wouldn't want to die if they knew that they could live here forever with whoever they wanted to if they give the pill to those people.
I would take 2 pills and live 1000 years. And try to find the cure for many deseases that are affecting. the world. I would save a looooot of money to end poverty. Some people here are saying life is long enough as it is. But try not to say that to someone who is diying from a terminal desease or is about to die young and haven't fullfil their goals in life. <_<
I'd flush all the pills down the toilet, then keep the empty bottle on my desk as a daily reminder how lucky I am to have so little time.
Huhehaha, what a delightful question; one that asks people how they think of and value life and how they would use the ability to extend life. Me? I would take the pill and learn more, more, more over the extra years. I fear neither death nor illness, though unlike most I don't fear life either. I would watch the events of life unfold themselves and live like there was still a tomorrow, whatever happened.
The bottle and other pills I would keep, hide, giving them to whom I felt like giving. As of yet, no person has made me feel like giving them unnatural life. The pills would give me more time to find someone.
Besides, you can always die.
Hmmm...would they work for my pets? If so, then I would give some away.
In a hundred pill bottle, I'd take a third of the pills and live 16,500 years. I will take the time to perfect my physical and non physical form by absorbing every meme of this planet's ever evolving knowledge base. I will employ a disciplined but creative practical application to carve out a daily process in which all living beings enjoy a harmoniusly exciting and inspired existence.

I'd offer the other third to my two best friends: my wife and our dog.
I would take the pill. I would then sell the remaining pills on Ebay after I turned say two hundred. I would make a fortune. I would make so much money I would have to think about giving one to my wife. Only kidding dear!
for fucks sake does no one here realise you are helping create the crappy worlds you write of. wake up before it really is too late.
I take the whole bottle.
I would keep the whole bottle to myself except for 2 pills. I would immediately take one so I can live enough time to think what to do with the 497 that are left. As far as the 2 pills are concerned, I would give one to the person I hate the most...and the other to his MOTHER IN LAW.
I might well take more than one! Life is short and there's a ton of things I want to do.

I would take the pill(s) even though I do believe in an afterlife, and I'm not particulary worried about departing this life when my time comes. In addition to enabling me to accomplish some personal goals, I hope that living a longer life would also give me the opportunity to do a lot of good deeds to tip the scales of Divine judgement in my favor.

I would offer the pills to a few carefully considered individuals that I judged to be emotionally mature and likely to do good, not evil.
id crush one down and snort it like cocaine...
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