Friday, December 02, 2005


Arm for Arms?

Would you trade one of your own arms for instant, global nuclear disarmament?

No, I wouldn't give up an arm. I don't believe that nuclear weapons are our biggest threat. I'm more concerned about biological weapons.
No. A weapon is a weapon.
On one condition - the current budget of all nations to produce and research nuclear arms is shifted into replacement limbs with full motor-cortex integration technology compliments of Uncle GDP for all those in need. In the case of a surplus, research funds should be allocated to distribute the medicare of nations into areas with widespread poverty and disease.

I'd like to see the same group that runs the medicine distribution placed in sole command of galactic interplanetary hostile alien defense or GIHAD.

That would be a much better use for nukes and definately safer for us.
Yes, if the technology to build them again was also removed (say, if all the uranium in the world was also removed).
No. I really need my arms. Sorry.
in an instant.
I'm a swimmer and a diver, so my arms are very important. I could live without them knowing that there would be no risk of nuclear war. Assuming of course, that all knowledge related to the making of the weapons was also destroyed.
My arm for just one type of disarmament? No thanks.
no. we get what we deserve.
No. Peace is boring. Humans will always manufacture drama.
No, not for a temporary solution.
Both arms for all weapons
Both legs for real peace
No. It sounds too good to be true. It'd probably turn out to be one of those deals where I give up my arm, and then instantly all the nuclear weapons in the world are detonated, bringing about global disarmamant.
If everyone else would. That would make for some serious dedication.
No. Because the word "permanent" isn't in the question.

No sooner than agreed upon there would be men in multiple places secretly laying the ground-work for a hidden facility.

Can you even imagine the presidents of North Korea & Iran, to name two, abiding by this for longer than a thought?
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