Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Become an author expert?

If you could magically be an instant expert on any author and his writings, whom would it be? As an example, perhaps you would choose Joyce, Dostoevsky, or Shakespeare. Perhaps you'd choose a more ancient or more modern author. Whom would you choose?

I feel I'm already an expert on C.S. Lewis thanks to the complete over-analysis of 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' that continues unabated.

With that said, I'd like to be an expert on Robert Anton Wilson.

Or Cliff P.

Whichever happens first.
Archimedes, hands down! He may have done more for the field of mathematics than Einstein did for physics. Recent discoveries of his work even show that he created an early form of calculus nearly a millenia before anyone else thought about it again. So much of his work was lost, sadly. If we could have known and understood everything that Archimedes worked on, our technology could be hundreds of years ahead of what we have currently.
H.P. Lovecraft because I just geuinely like his "weird tales."
Majickally earned is this understanding and expertise on the entire mind or just the works of whichever name I'm to target? I don't like the proposition...seems a little underhanded this majickally gained mastery alla sudden..if the mind took the thought to state it down out of everything as such the least you can do is take it up as it is there for you if you're so interested...and then just by understanding fully then and there you'll be like the one who laid it down...How much majick need there to be interecede? Take the time...thats majick and these won't be given to you with yer hands wrapped on the steering wheel and the TV remote
Robert Jordan, I have always enjoyed his Wheel of Time series as well as his Conan tales.
I would pick James Joyce. If I completely understood everything he wrote I could probably understand anyones writing.
As it is now, I don't understand Joyce when its explained to me.
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