Friday, December 02, 2005


Books or minds?

Given a choice between the ability to read minds or books, which would you choose? Why?

I would rather read books, because although being able to read minds would be fun, the novelty would wear off after a while. Also, some people are just plain stupid, and I wouldn't want to know what they were thinking under any circumstances. With books, you are at least sure that what you pick out will interest you or be of some quality; not so with thoughts.

Not everyone has anything interesting going on in their minds.

With books I can pick and choose the quality.

(Besides, this is a good example of why editors are important!)
I'd choose to read books. I have strong enough feelings about what people say, I don't think it would be good for me to know what they think too. Especially about me.

When reading a book, I can flip through and read whatever I want. Assuming I'd be able to do the same with minds, I could learn anything I wanted, straight from the heads of experts (expect, of course, those wearing ).

On the other hand, if by "read minds" you mean "eavesdrop on the conscious narrative of others", I'm still going with minds. I could go to the library and read books vicariously through others. If needed, I could hire a team of readers to read things for me. Indeed, I would be filty rich from guessing ages at the county fair, and as the world champion of

reading a book is just delayed mind reading. Plus, people delude themselves so much, reading their minds would be like watching reality television. A lot of crap.

So: I'd have to read books.
Minds, because I could find people whohad read books I like and read their minds.
Are they mutually exclusive? I assume so, in which case I choose books. As tempting as it would be to read minds, I think that's an ability that would be easily abused, no matter who wielded it. Thoughts are fleeting, as well. While it might be interesting to see what's going on in some people's minds, I think it wouldn't be much more than what I've already gleamed from their personality. However, if I already knew how to read, and could just choose whether or not I wanted to be able to read minds, I'm not sure what my choice would be. Scary thought.
i already read minds, don't you?
Minds. You might be able to understand what that person was thinking or know if they were telling the truth.
I think I would have to go with minds. It would give you a chance to help people possibly by understanding why they are thinking what they are thinking, and if they are being honest or not.
Hands down - Minds

I'd be a professional security consultant or professional poker player to fund my trips to meet great thinkers.
Thinking is a creative living process.
Books are dead knowledge.
Books. What's going on in someone else's mind is none of my business.
I would read minds.. I play a lot of poker
I would take books for the unlimited information & entertainment.
Reading minds would be a serious invasion of privacy. Second, there would be very little worthwhile advantage. Third, I don't think I would want to know what people thought- it could be very depressing.
I have enough trouble reading my own mind & figuring out what it means, much less someone elses.

I can learn & get much enjoyment from books.

Its settled.
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