Monday, December 05, 2005


Fish in a Pond?

Assuming each of the entities is successful at their respective stated missions, and your position is meaningful in each, which do you prefer: being a key player in a small organization with no name recognition, or assuming a minor role in a massive, well-known operation?

Key Player-I like knowing that what I do is important even if no-one else knows.
The idea of being a tiny, disposable cog in a big famous machine is not as appealing.
Depends on the salary, really. Either one would be fine as long as I was doing well and making enough money. I can see both being enjoyable.
I'm a small player in a small organization with name recognition of a sort that is neither no nor yay. Assuming a role in a massive well known operation is mush less appealing. As for respective missions thats a tricky one...though successful, the mission of the particular small organization within which I am a small part is diffusely stated and open entirely to interpretation by self-appointed, likewise synergistically self-salaried contractors- Personlly i wouldn't want to belong to a large organization like Hockleed Fartin or the Slarlyle croupe. Highly recognizable but creedos dirty as a perfectly executed exorbitantly profitable war-ocide...imagine what a job description at Falliburton looks like? here are some samples from the decentrally managed company "Mass Debate" for whom I am a franchisee:
"A franchise owner's participation with Mass Debate should begin by accident under the equitable auspices of ______. All of the______ is performed by _____ and ___ team called ____. Leland is a mysterious and shadowy figure who only joins the other creative people within Mass Debate at the last second before performance/execution of a contract, and it remains a complete and utter mystery to franchisee precisely who _____ is. Franchisee in this case is the humanoid formerly known as Clark Buckner. Franchisee's inspiration/motivation springs primarily (necessarily!) from ______ of all _____ things and ___ -like of all things covertly hypocritical and profitably dishonest. Franchisees under review may have their misappropriations ignored if in possession of said especial piece of jade, upon blind surrendrance franchisee returns to routinized dispensations of tablets tokenizing the enormity of a certain homonymic relationships that exist universally between all the disparate causes of phenomena and the particular composition of the constellated self including one's own and all others...reflecting charitably upon the services rendered and coupons tendered are the indulgences digested in truliness and regurgitavely expressed in anthropomorphically understandable terms to conveniently characterize the shimmering facade of interchanging rich fabrics of combinational situations resembling archetypal realities that exist independent of terrestrial considerations that are time-space continuum independent...receipts for these must/must not be sumbitted daily to mass debate de-central; else all contract stipulations are null and void and decided arbitrarily and unanimously in favor of the largest shareholder forever and ever Ahem." I love working for mass debate as they let me keep the hours i like and do the things i like to do. I'm happy to be a minor player in minor organization like mass debate where i have real sybaritic relationships with the people i work with like Grimp and Frazzlerz..
Key player in a small organization. Or a minor player in a small organization, for that matter. I'm not a fan of massive organizations.
I'd rather have a minor role in a massive operation that was meaningful than a major role in a minor unknown simply because the large one would affect many more & do more good.
A bigwig little guy or a littlewig big guy.
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