Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Flight or fantasy?

If you had a choice between having a sexual fantasy fulfilled with no strings attached, one time only, or the ability to fly, for twenty-four hours, at the speed, height and distance of your choice, which would you pick?

I'd choose the sexual fantasy. After all, I experience both very lucidly in my dreaming. But, alas, I always wake up, frustrated, at the most exciting moment in my sex dreams.
What if your sexual fantasy included flight? What a quandry. But since a sex fantasy is more plausible than flight, I would have to select flight.
I think I would like to fly more. You can probably find a way to fulfill a sexual fantasy to some extent in real life, but do you ever get the chance to fly without some sort of technology keeping you up? I think it is quite clear which is the better choice.
flying all the way! You can do the fantasy anyway, just watch out for aids! But flight, at any speed, height, even in space! Who can say they did that for a day?
Flight, why pass the oppertunity to miss stiring up the mischief and being able to get away. Nothing would be able to catch me. i would pull ranks that they would be talking about for centries
I don't give sexual fantasies much thought, and I'd much rather have it with someone I love than not.

I choose flight. To be as free as a bird and see the world without using Google Earth would be spectacular.

Plus, fulfilling a sexual fantasy is much more likely to happen.
A couple hundred of bucks and a few hookers, or obliging friends can sort out your sexual fantasies......flight cant be that easily arranged.
hoping Ms. King is phishing for eligible participants and considering the patent impossibility of option 2...
Since my ultimate sexual fantasy would involve my death... dunno.
I would have to go with the flying. I would love to be able to physically fly without the need for cumbersome/weird/expensive contraptions. I would go to as many places as I could in that day. And at any speed, anywhere, I might even explore space for a bit.
Without too much thought...I want to fly! Oh, yes, I wish I were a bird.... sex, or flight. One of those options is so unrealistic that I can't suspend disbelief long enough to contemplate it, so I'll take flight.

But seriously, my husband is the generous sort. He's more than willing to indulge any sexual whims I might have. Since I don't have any sexual fantasies that involve any place or thing that's currently inaccessable, I'll go flying.

I'd borrow a much better camera than mine, buy a pocket full of media cards, and shoot some pictures that no one's ever been able to.

And I'd stop well before the 24 hours was up, cos I wouldn't wanna find myself in a Cinderella predicament mid-air.
Sexual fantasies are good because it is something that we all have inside, except few get the chance to have them acted out. Men and women go on for years wishing they had the chance, so I think it should be seriously looked at and treated as a theraputic measure. If we had that fantasy, we could leave it and move on to relationships with no "hang-up's" left over.

Where can we go for them? Mine are fun and harmless, but women refuse because I like the fantasy of being a teenaged boy on a date with a girl when all h-e-l-l breaks loose and her girlfriends wallop me good!

That's mine, but where do we find them and convince them it's alright? Women are often afraid of that, especially if they don't know us, so it's hard to convince them it's OK.

I would fly. Imagine an opportunity like that. Sex is fun, but sex is just sex.
Imagine, to be able to fly.
either way... there would be ALOT of dead people when I'm done
"Take Me To The Moon" (And I don't mean to have sex)
I want to fly and soar. Sex is something ordinary, flight is not. To dance on the clouds and ride the wind...
Forgiveness, from all of you Sinatra fans. It's "Fly", not "Take" me to the moon.

I've done worse.
I'd pick Flying by a MILE. Sex is very overrated in my opinion.
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