Sunday, December 04, 2005


Fresh Start?

If you could start a new life, with a celebrated career and salary of your choice, in a new geographical location of your choice, with a clean bill of health and fitness, would you accept the situation if contact had to be severed with all but one person you currently love?

Would we have to never see our parents and children? That would probably be too hard.

I do like the fact you specified "salary of your choice" -- because that would make us instant rich people.
I wouldn't. I think people are more important than geographical location, career, health or even salary.
Yes. Without more than three seconds of thought...I would take my paramour and zap into my famous, wealthy, artist's healthy body. I'm a selfish, cold hearted brutally-honest bastard. (and...I suspect most people--if it weren't a hypothetical situation--would also jump at the chance).
Jerry No...because then what meaning would my life have?

What your asking about is a kind of death....

Life isn't about just material things...

Besides this will happen anyway when you die...
In an extreme situation, such as discovering the cure for most cancers, I think the trade-off would be warranted although it would be a nearly impossible decision to live with. Since extreme situations rarely happen, I would say that starting a new life given the circumstances would not be worth it. This question might become more realistic in the years to come when we send astronauts on longer explorations that require significant time travel...
No. The people I love are too important to me and I need to be in contact and know how their lives are proceeding. It's a vital part of my life to know about and be present in theirs.
Sure thing! I wouldn't mind as long as I could stay in contact with one of my best friends, although it would be hard to choose between them. I don't have many people I'd need to continue talking with, and certainly not my family.
hell yes
i don't love anyone. So, yes.
no way.
Yes, because it would be what my loved ones would want me to do.
likewise Anonymus, my friends would forget me in time. i'd stay in contact with mom, as only seems right. by the time she died i'd be far enough removed from everyone's lives that it wouldn't matter anymore.
Yep. Without too much thinking. Just because it would be so much fun, and so much interesting to see the world from a different perspective.

Well...I'm not a very sentimental person indeed.
Good gravy Yes!
No way, I'd take love first.
No. Friends, fortune, happiness, etc. all pass away in time, but your family is there for you always. I don't know what I would do without their advice and help in my life.
The short answer is yes. The short answer is no. LoL Yes, because I live alone, I feel isolated now and what would it matter if I only had one contact from my present life? hmmmmmm, NO contact with the people I feel isolated from?

That leads me to short answer number #2. No, because life is short enough. Though I may not feel I have someone to turn to when I'm at my lowest I can sometime connect with them. And to choose just one? Would that be my sister? Or my nephew? Maybe my good friend here in town that told me my circle of friendship starts with her? (thankful for her!) But to choose just one? uh, no.

Short answer: no rules.
Absolutely not! My loved ones are above anything else for me.
If I had just myself to consider, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I've already done something very similar, without the celebrated career and salary or clean bill of health, and I didn't get to pick the location.

I think I'm probably a little unusual in that I don't have the need to have the people I love in my life. I still love them but I can easily let go without a feeling of loss. Whether this is a higher state of being, or a mental and emotional pathology I couldn't even guess. I'd like to think it's the former, but there's evidence to support the latter.

But I'd have to say no, because saying yes would wreck my husband's life. He has deep attachments. I couldn't make him choose between me and everyone else he loves, no matter what the payoff.
No way. That would be equivalent to erasing my entire past. What kind of future could I have without my past?? Money or position would be meaningless to me without the people who have made me become who I am. And besides, who would I have to show off to?!
Lets see. In dollars & health how much are my wife, children, relatives, & friends worth?
A bit more i'm afraid.
No. That would be effectively "killing" everyone in my life that I love because they would be severed forever.

The only way I would take the "fresh start" is to take one of the "little pills" mentioned before & go on after they all died, but I would never doom myself to living 500 years.
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