Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Holy grail?

Is the path of your life dictated by your quest for a certain goal, idea or piece of information? What is it?

No, I decide what I want to do on a day to day basis. Although I suppose I do work towards perfection in everything I attempt... That isn't really one specific goal, though.
I just like to figure out how things work - everything - mind, reality, societies, governments - everything.
My holy grail is producing good animation.

That really makes the rest of the world's problems seem so small, doesn't it?
Integration of all I am and all that is
Creating the perfect artwork!
Wether it's litary, music or a painting...
No, it's not, but I frequently wish it was. I envy people who have such a goal.
Sometimes I wish that I had been a driven person- someone with a definite goal in life, which I have never had.
That sounds like a lot of work & could easily end up in personal failure.
Would that be a good way to through away an otherwise satisfying life?
The path of my life has been mainly determined by my parents, the U.S.Govt., job & education availability, & my ex-wife.

I was barely strong enough to recover from my ex-wife, much the rest of it.

My hat's off to those who can make a life-long goal come true. I've always had enough trouble making next weekend come true.
Ok so if your life is not dictated, and everything you do is your choice, imagine this,.....lets say for a few years you have noticed that your dreams are related to future events in your life, now, accepting this fact and then looking at the time frame between having the dream and the situation arising, all choices you made in between them two time frames still lead you to the event in question, so surely all your choices would of meant to have been in order to get you to that time frame,!! JD :-)
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