Friday, December 16, 2005


Hypersonic Ben Franklin?

I am just finishing an autobiography of Ben Franklin by Walter Isaacson. Franklin was certainly an interesting and special person!

Today, as I glance through the latest Popular Science magazine with its host of gadgets, megapixel cameras, Japanese robots, hypersonic bombers, high-tech audio speakers and the like, I wonder what would have happened if Ben Franklin were to be given this issue?

1. How would it affect him personally?
2. How would it affect the world?
3. Do you think Ben Franklin was an interesting or special man?

If Mr. Franklin survived the reintegration process of being pulled out of a timeline or the spell worked that brought him back from the dead, I think Ben would have flipped out just seeing the printed media. He would have immediately asked for a computer, a scanner and a copy of Adobe Illustrator. Of course, once he saw his first web page, it'd really be on!

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that Ben might move back to France after seeing the condition of certain aspects of American life and governance.

I would imagine his effect would be positive if nothing more for the historical and political insight he might provide.

Ben was a pretty interesting and special man.
Having read Franklin's autobiography on more than one occasion as well as numerious personal letters he had written to various people, I can't help but feel he would have found some of articles interesting and others not so interesting. He very much loved natrue and natural phenomena as well as being a mechanical genius.

"How would it affect the world".....what an odd question.

Franklin was the right man at the right time. It's a shame they teach such weird crap about him in school. We were so very fortunate that we had him during that period of our history. I feel he would be so disappointed in what our society has become. Regardless of your political preference I think he would say "we suck".
Hmmmm.... Maybe I won't help Tom write that Declaration after all....
Of course the man would marvel at the quality and glossiness of the issue itself! I'm certain that he wouldn't have any comprehensive remark for some time other than to the credibility of the information and imagry contained therein. After a time of study and contemplation he would probably keep more or less to himself and his journals regardinghis thoughts depending on how well he knew his sojourners, as the technological manifestations themselves except for the publication were not present for inspection. Mr. Franklin himself was of course interesting and special, and weighted with the education of a certain history in its infancy, one that unfortunately cannot be shepherded with any certainty by and small group of men.
If you mean he was given the copy in his day, his reaction would have been of awe.
It probably would have not affected the world greatly because for ideas to become real, they reflect the technology of the day.
Was he a great man? Yes, he was.
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