Friday, December 09, 2005


Know your audience?

You just wrote a book on the subject of your choice. It will be an international best-seller, celebrated for its insightful brilliance, earning you hard-won financial riches...but you won't ever have a single conversation with anyone who has read it.

You just wrote a book...It will remain obscure and keep you at your day job, yet you will enjoy lengthy, meaningful conversations from time to time with people about how your work affected their lives.

Which do you choose?

I would rather write the international best-seller which has me rolling in money, and not have to talk to anybody who read it. Being praised for my work is something I find awkward, and I would rather just feel accomplished without being told how great it is and how it impacted other people's lives...
The former. I hate my day job and most people are annoying. The sales numbers speak volumes.
I would rather make a book that spreads meaningful conversations, because I like communicating ideas, and also I could make another book about the conversations I have.
I'll go the greedy route with this one and say the international bestseller. Let other people judge my book and, in turn, secure me financially. I know what I wrote; I need not discuss it. I might feel a little egotistical having to talk about my own work.
I prefer the best-seller.

If I had to rely on my publications to generate thought-provoking conversation I would prefer not converse.
Though financial freedom would be great, I would choose the later. I love to discuss books I have read, and I would prefer that a book I have written had effected someone in a profound way and opens meaningful discussion.

I could always quit my job and find another.
There seems to be a catch in the first scenario. It says I won't ever have a single conversation with anyone who has ever read it. If this means exactly what it says then I will be cut off from everyone who reads my book, including my husband, family, friends, any publisher who might be willing to buy my next book, etc. If this was what was intended, I'll take the second option.

In fact, I think I just have to go with that option, regardless. I briefly considered writing a book about something I find remarkably dull, cashing the checks, and never talking about it again, but then I realized how painful it would be to write such a book.

On the other hand, I don't think I would really enjoy lengthy, meaningful conversations about how my work affected someone's life.

Ideally, I'd like to write a book on a subject I find facsinating, lots of people buy it and I make enough money to live confortably, the people I know don't treat me any differently, and I never have to discuss the book with any strangers.
I believe i would take the bestseller. Not only for the money but I think that for every person who enjoyed my book there would also be someone who did not. I have met many people who do not share my views and every one has turned out to be completely unchanging in their personal opinions. (no amount of talking even lets admit they MIGHT be wrong)
Apparently, I am materialistic.. I will take the money
I understand the meaningful conversation part, but that also implies I get great enjoyment from receiving kudos on a personal basis.
A best seller of great brilliance will affect more lives whether they tell you or not.
The author will still have their family & friends & there is nothing at all wrong with getting paid for the book.
The first one.

I don't want to talk to a bunch of strangers about it. It's brilliant & speaks for itself.

And I need a new pick-up.
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