Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The mind's eye

What is it that you think of most often? Do you fear that your thought patterns ever teeter on obsession?

Creative ideas. I am constantly making mental lists of supplies to buy at art stores or bead stores or craft centers. I also find my thoughts drifting to interesting ideas I've had, or inspiring things I've seen.

In just about everything, I feel my thoughts can become obsessive too easily. I'm such a perfectionist.
I think most often about the fact that my child does not speak yet though he is 2.75 years old; he produces nothing more than babble.

I do tend to dwell on the matter for the simple reason that speech is so very highly regarded as a measure of mental function and intelligence.
I believe I am on a "truman show" like program adn get very paranoid, I also think I am the greatest being that ever lived and that I was chosen for something, I just can't seem to shae those two thouhts off and I always think off them, I have many other thoughts but no-one wants to hear them!

- K.D
I think about how my life is a disaster area. I know my thoughts are obsessive.
Dennis Miller said,

"I have ADDOCD. I keep changing what I'm obsessed about."
Unfortunately what I think about most often is my job. I get little support from above or below, making it impossible to do my work to a standard that I find satisfying. I feel ineffectual and frustrated. It's not obsession. I just have a crappy job. I wish I could do the same job for a company that values quality, and that I had the authority to pay my employees adequately for the job they're supposed to do, and fire them for doing it inadequately.
I have always thought too much on the nature of reality, the afterlife & what it would be like, & all those ultra-dimensional things.
I should take a lesson from Richard Feinman, the great physicist, who said "don't try to figure it out. It will only drive you crazy."
I am usually laughing in my head. My thoughts ship from stone to stone across the stony beaches of life, and I'm laughing all the while. Laughter consumes my thoughts. Can you be obsessed with something like that?
My obsessive thought patterns appear at the more serious times in my life.

I'd like to say to arget, good for you. I should be so lucky.
just found out that i have obessive thought patterns, they get so bad that they cause me to have panic attcks.its really causing big problems in my life,any medecine i should try?
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