Friday, December 02, 2005


Money, energy, or information?

Humans can have one of the following gifts, you decide: unlimited money, unlimited energy, or unlimited information.

with unlimited infomation one would know how to obtain unlimited money and energy quite easily I think. So I say, Unlimited information for everyone, none for ourselves. I would know how to acomplish that with unlimited information, I think.
Unlimited information would provide the know-how to develop unlimited energy and to eliminate the need for money.
does unlimited energy imply the ability to quantum leap? (or perhaps to blow the world apart?) what good is money without energy? Unlimited information might make us quite complacent. Does that imply that the ultimate mystery of creation has been solved?
Unlimited information would improve general quality of life the most. Plus, with unlimited information, you could find ways to get unlimited energy.

Unlimited money would make the concept of an economy pointless, because everyone could just have what they want, when they want it. The world would be sent into an unlimited state of inflation, or become very, VERY communist.
Unlimited money because we would probably self-destrcut somehow with the other two.
At least with unlimited money, we can use it to paper walls.
Unlimited energy, for with it the others (wealth and information, and the time to acquire and appreciate them both) would follow.
Searching through unlimited information would need unlimited time and might take many lifetimes to turn up anything useful.

Unlimited money is meaningless.

I imagine unlimited Energy ould be used to cause the same ratio of harm and good as we have now.

I am not sure unlimited resources of any kind would help much. Look what we do with our surplus' of food.
If everyone had Unlimited money, it would have no meaning. We already have unlimited power with the sun, just the inability to harness it efficiently for everyone to use. Unlimited Information would lead to being able to harness the suns power. It would help eliminate corruption because everyone would know who was corrupt because of the unlimited information.

Time travel would become possible. All wars would end because everyone would know exactly what would happen beforehand.
ultimate information. I wish ultimate wisdom would have been on the list, but hopefully that INFORMATION includes information about what others are going through, so we would, as a wise man once said, "all just get along."
I can't imagine unlimited information would be of all that much use now; the current state is not a lack of information, rather that information is sequestered or undesired. I also wish that unlimited wisdom had been on that list. Additionally, it depends on who you're giving it to. If by "mankind" you really mean "one human to distribute to the rest of mankind", you can be guaranteed that not more than few fragments would ever make it into general circulation...

Unlimited money becomes useless, and the human race is not ready to be let loose on the universe just yet.
I would have to agree with Dan about the unlimited wisdom. What good are facts/knowledge/information without the wisdom to know how to use it? To quote a fortune cookie "To gain a headful of knowledge and to not have gained any wisdom, that is a waste". Nonetheless I would have to go with the unlimited information, and hope we are willing to listen to the wisest amongst us.
Unlimited money is the same as no money at all.

Unlimited information would include private information, and I want to keep what little privacy I have left.

I'd have to go with unlimited energy.
Unlimited money wouldn't mean anything.
Unlimited energy- people would drive me crazy.
Unlimited information would provide, & provide,& provide.
Heh.. Unlimmited money would become useless, as money is only valuble when there isn't enough for everyone. We already have almost unlimited information around us; we just don't know how to properly utilize it. Information alone isn't very useful. Unlimited energy (might) destroy all of creation; this universe and any others that exist. It also might make life perfectly easy, and that's no fun. If I was given the choice of those "gifts" I would ask that none of them be given. If I was required to choose, I would take the information just to see how that would turn out.
Unlimited information would be boring...
there wouldn't be anything left for us to discover.
Unlimited Energy would be quite nice since it would solve a lot of current problems that we have.
Money would become unlimited with unlimited energy energy = money -> I do agree that unlimited money is worthless.
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