Monday, December 19, 2005


Mystic or medium?

Would you rather be regarded as a great mystic (with mastery of the divination method of your choice) or a great artist(with mastery in the medium of your choice)?

What divination method or medium would you choose?

Some say that great artist are mystics. They start with a blank canvas, stone or what ever there medium is and they see something no one else does in it, they than coax it out.
Artist for me.
I would chose to be a great painter. It just seems so much more rewarding, and paintings last for a long time, ensuring that you will be remembered as having accomplished something.
I'd prefer the artist. A master animator to be precise.

I'm not certain that being a divining mystic wouldn't be a hinderance given the nature of it; cf. Cassandra.
Artist...I'd use oils. They are very satisfying to work with. A close second would be a stick of black charcoal.
I believe that there is no difference between an artist and a mystic. They are both channeling the divine and tapping into the greater consciousness to bring light to humanity.
The way in one is regarded is indeed something considerable to be considered; aside from the brute power aspect of master and control over mystical forces it would not be of much advantage except occasionally to be regarded as a mystic. How arcanely discovered that divine swimmery and how suspicious that moisture which clings to the mortal rainment upon airing...
Twould be nearly as much the bother to be reputed the great 'ar-tist' because everyone's beloved thing deserves reflection too, and how dare he and she with such mastery be short of time among the settings that nurtured such sensitivity? The mastery of the artistic medium in 2D can at least be pimped and tricked around, for amusement, indulgence and profit.
artist. The medium would be my voice. I've always wanted to be able to sing. I wouldn't do it professionally, and rarely in public, but it would be nice to be able to entertain myself with music. And "happy birthday to you" would be a lot less awkward.
I'd rather be the great artist. Preferably a great painter. That way I could leave world class creativity & if I wished, study mysticism with that creative mind.
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"Mystic" & "Mysticism" can imply many things. Some of those are loneliness, the unknown, symbolism, hidden meaning, & a life of meditation.

I love to think, but I don't want to think myself to the point I lose my personality.

So I'll readily accept the brush, some color, a canvas & don't forget the talent to go with it.
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