Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Naughty or nice?

If the list was being checked twice, which side would you be on? Why?

Naughty. I'm just mean-spirited a lot of the time.
"He sees you when you are sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake "

Santa Claus: Kindly elf or CIA spook?

I imagine I'd be on the nice list because the list must be based on a global range and mean.

Does this make me cynically enterprising?
I'd get on the nice list but just barely.
I prefer to consider this question in terms of karma. If I could weigh all the nice things I've done and balance them against all the naughty ones, I feel (or at least hope) that the karmic scale would tip just slightly toward "nice".
the use of the word nice pre Victorian semantic derivation meant naughty , now that poses a perplexity of sort
Nice. It's just who I am.
It depends on the Moon!
Used to be naughty, now I'm nice.

I don't get more presents, though.
To evangelicals I've been naughty. I have a wonderful wife, home, three kids doing well, two dogs, two fish happily swimming & good retirement.
Naughty has beeen exciting & very good to me.
Naughty isn't evil, its human.
If you look at most of the comments, you'll see that the two cannot be separated.

I believe we all have both & both are important to our well being. We have a good side (not a saint), & a naughty side (not evil).

I have a naughty side & my wife does too. I think I'd have traded her in if she didn't.
I think I'm nice, as I try to make every one around me happy. It's me, what and who is I.
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