Friday, December 02, 2005


Nobel prize or bestseller?

Would you rather win the Nobel Prize in medicine or write a book that sells a million copies?

That's an easy one -- I'm a writer -- and writers write. If I were a dedicated MD like my doctor of 25 years, Bob Grimshaw of Jefferson Valley, or my close friends Bill Merlino of Mays Landing, NJ and John Muccia or Liberty, NY, I'm sure I'd choose the Nobel.

I am almost certain that Rita would agree with me -- but I'd be most interst in Cliff's answer since is both a multi-published writer (including novels) and comes from a scientific discipline.
That all depends on what the Nobel Prize would be for, actually.
Nobel Prize, once I get that, then any book that I write will probably become a best seller.
A Nobel Prize in medicine would be my preference. I've always had an aspiration to win one, and based on the line of work I plan to go into after highschool and university, it would even be possible.
Totally win the Nobel Prize, because it would mean I had done something helpful and worthwhile that will benefit the populace in some way.
I'd like to sell a million books. That way, I could share my ideas with a million-plus people.
I'd like to think that I'd write something entertaining or helpful-enriching in some way.
i'd go for the nobel prize... so much more prestige and satisfaction, plus you get like $250k i think.
I'd rather sell a million books. That would mean that I have some ideas that other people are interested in. I would feel as if I've had an influence on moving the world toward a way of life I'd find more humane.
million copies. After that, you would have time to work on another book, maybe that one would win a prize.
While having written a book that sells well would be tempting, there's been plenty of trash that has accomplished the same. At least having written the Nobel Prize, I know that I worked hard and did something worthy enough to gain that much recognition, while at the same time contributing something to mankind.
I guess that all depends on the subject of the book. If the book were about some subject that is able to help people that would win you the Nobel prize anyways, you could make a lot of money off that book and help even more people. If not, then I would go with the Nobel Prize and know I had done some good to help heal people. And there is a lot of prestige that goes along with the Nobel Prize.
The Nobel Prize. Putting aside the prestige & money, that would make you a very good medical research doctor. Sounds like a much more interesting & satisfying work than a novel writer.
I have never wanted to be in the medical field- couldn't handle it- too much blood, see too much death & suffering.

I'm thrilled to the core other people do it because I have been saved more than once by them.

I love reading & the book itself. A successful author would be a dream come true.
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