Friday, December 16, 2005


One month alone

If you had to go someplace by yourself and spend a month (you could meet people in the place of your choosing but not take a travel companion with you), would you pick:
these mountains, this city or the beach?

London, I would chose London
I'd take the mountains if I had to choose from the list provided. I've seen plenty of beaches, but have never been to a mountainous region.

Otherwise, it'd be Tremore, Ireland.
I would go to the mountains alone. It is always so peaceful and refreshing to take a trip to the mountains. I also find solitude is more enjoyable at higher altitudes.
I'd choose the city even though I'm not a fan of cities in general. I know I'd want to make some friends eventually and forest animals and tourists don't make good friends.
The City.
I would jump at the chance to go to the mountains and live there for a month. It would be an awe inspiring experience.
I've lived in or near the mountains of the West most of my life.
I've been to the ocean & that was the most boring place I've ever been in my life.
I'd pick the city you showed & then go to Paris.
I love mountains, but you stipulated alone for a month. I don't mind being alone but after a month isolated, I'd be having serious conversations with crickets.

The beaches I've been to stink.

It would have to be the city for things to do, people, & sanity.
I would go to the mountains, assuming I had a way to eat, drink, and live and that I was not going to be eaten by a bear. Love mountains ^.^
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