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Peninsulas pointing south?

Why do all the major peninsulas on Earth point south? See for example: Italy, Greece, Florida, Baja, and the tips of Africa, South America, India, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Kamchatka (Russia), Cap May (New Jersey), and many other landmasses.

Do you believe that this extreme and unnatural deviation from randomness is the surest sign that God exists? Or do you have a better explanation?

If by God you mean haphazard plate tectonics, gravitational pull as well as the existence of other major peninsulas that point in directions other than south, I would say yes, it is absolute proof of his/her existence.
hmmm...gravity makes them droop? Honestly, I don't know.
I don't think the existence of anything can be proven to absolutely everyone.
The trickeries of the human mind prevent it.
It's a matter of time frame.

Sometimes you'll look at the clouds and for a fleeting moment see a gryphon, a duck, or the shape of Australia, before the wisps of mist reconfigure or fade away.

So too with the features of the earth. Mountains and valleys, coastlines and seas, all are constantly in motion at what is usually imperceptively slow speeds.

That they appear to be permanent features rather than temporary states is just an illusion that we mayfly-lived humans mistake for permanence.

Isn't including Cape May a bit of a stretch, though?

Carol Maltby
If it implies the existence of a God, it must also imply that God is giving us the overwhelming divine version of "two thumbs down". ;)

Ah, you say, but then the question becomes...does God live at the North pole, or the South pole? This is clearly critical, because in the latter situation He is giving us the overwhelming thumbs up.

I expect there's more evidence for the South pole than the North...if He lives in the North, then wouldn't we just call Him Santa?
First of all, it's not true. Denmark points in the opposite direction. As does the Yucatan, as does that pointy part of Australia. As does the Bay of Islands and the Coromandel Peninsulas in New Zealand. Italy actually faces to the South East, and Spain juts out West into the Atlantic, ditto Turkey.

Second of all, directions are things we have assigned - the peninsulas don't know that they are pointing South. It's such an idiotic and small view of the Earth! Think bigger!
There are thousands of examples of geographical strangeness. Unless we are blessed with a geographical shaping, tectonic plate moving God, I don't think so.
I am left totally without a clue as to how this could mean the proof that God exists.

My guess is the spin of the earth, combined with the moon's effects which created the bulge at the equator, which in turn affects plate tectonics.

But then, I have heard of a new theory that dismisses plate tectonics. If that is true, maybe dreamspinner's first guess is right & like certain other things in nature, gravity does make them droop.
God created the earth and the heavens in 6 days about 6,000 years ago. Here is a great theory, that shows how he did it.

Don't question my beliefs because evolution will never be more than a "theory".
Plate tectonics, it's interesting but not entirely correct. God has nothing to do with this piss ant world. Mother Earth thinks peni should dangle South. But what direction is South really?
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