Monday, December 12, 2005


Pick one



A) seems to be a plastic reflection of society's obsession with appearance, and B) seems like natural sexuality and desire personified.

Choice: B.
B seems to be the only choice. In choice A all is hidden behind an artificial mask, suggesting humanity is an artificial construct; not very accurate in my estimation.
B - It's just more aesthetically pleasing.
Neither unless either image was recorded to some non-digital media.
Rita, as we say in Spain, "estás muy buena"!
A. Nice scarf and real human eyes behind the mask.
Gotta go with A, just more interesting if you ask me. There's a story there or something going on, plus it's quirky which gets it bonus points.
The second one is a dude. Better go with the first one; you have a 50-50 chance.
Dude or not, B is still more attractive.
I thought A was the dude
B, it looks more real.
A. When you look a little closer you find behind the mask lies real beauty
A has feminine fingernails.
B has a hint of cleavage and is wearing a top with straps.
Both look feminine to me.

B looks to be the more aggressive (in your face) of the two. If I was in the right mood, I might pick B, but more often than not, I would pick A.
It'd be nice to know what I'm picking it for, but I'd have to say B. A is just too damn creepy.
Anybody with a mask is hiding something, being someone they aren't, or at Mardi Gras. "A" is too plastic for me.
"B" is at least visible- and looks pretty darn good. In this case looks are everything.
Could "A" be Rita & "B" Cliff when he was younger?
I want to meet them both. I could talk to B about surface thoughts and have fun just being, but with A something deep and hidden could pass between minds; something secret, hidden, special, unique. A I say. Nothing wrong with a little poetry in life.
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