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Real dreams?

If you could have control over your dreams at night and make them as real as your experiences in waking life, would you accept such a power?

Yes, I would accept that power. I hardly ever remember my dreams, and having full control over them might change that. It would be amusing as well, because you could do anything you've ever wanted to, without negative repercussions.
You can experiene this to some degree without it being a special "power". It just takes concentration, practice, patience, and time. You have to be careful, though, as knowing when you're "really" awake after awhile can present quite a problem.
My dreams are already as powerful as my waking state, and sometimes during the day fragments of them return, and for a second it is difficult to separate the two, aside from the fact that the dream-state carries a sort of unmistakable incandescence. I don't have the kind of control I'd like to have over my dreams, but a case could be made that an attempt to control them might subvert their true, hidden meaning. Perhaps the brain needs dreams in order to function in the absence of "fixed" external stimuli, and perhaps consciousness needs to take a breather as well. Lucid dreamers may have a different system that the average person cannot, or wouldn't want to, handle. On the other hand, lucid dreams provide an opportunity to engage in activities that appear to defy the laws of physics and probability, and what is the difference, the next morning, between an "actual" memory and a dream? Not too much.
already have it
No, I would not accept that power. My dreams do well on their own, sometimes they are realistic, other times symbolic but almost always providing insight(except the naked at highschool They are useful to me and I don't want to tamper with them in any way.
Already happens to me... I go to "sleep" from this so called "real" world, but I am really "waking" up in the so called "dream" land. At times it gets confusing, but with a quick thought of trying to fly I know where I am.. in the "real" world I am unable to fly. in the "dream" world I can fly anywhere.
for over 45yrs I've been a flying, lucid dreamer. it took many, many years to hone my skills on the other side. Carlos Castenada, the Senoi Indian dream culture & constant quests to discipher nonsensical mental masterbation from genuine ethereal entities was a long slow process. there are numerous gates of dreaming to higher & higher levels of seperate realities in alternate realms. befriending allies, acknowledging & respecting extraterrestrial contacts & avoiding the dark forces at work here, without fear, are all important elements for survival on the other side. the rewards are immeasurable enhancements to your "life", precognitive messages, warnings & endless possibilities for the future.
thats the way ive been dreaming since I was little
such a power would quick spiral into a disjointed fractal of reality resembling ordinary human perception of time space.
I am sure you have heard the song "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club but have you ever given much thought to its meaning? While on Earth, you are living in a world of reincarnation which is governed by the law of karma. Karma begins to propel you as Soul on a personal journey through the universe. Karma ends when you have reached enlightenment and fully realise that this physical reality and the Universe itself is just an illusion. When you reach a state of knowingness that there is but One all pervading essence and that essence or consciousness is You!
So what is Karma and how does it work? While in the illusion you have a soul. This soul lives past, present, and future lives. To grow in love, joy, and awareness, you reincarnate into a series of physical bodies to experience different existences. This road leads to the experiences of being both sexes, all races, religions, and ethnic types throughout many lifetimes.
Karma in its simplicist terms can be described by the biblical statement "as you sow, so also shall you reap". Karma is the principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, total cosmic justice and personal responsibility. It brings 'good' experiences as well as 'bad' - a debt must be repaid and a blessing rewarded.
A more indepth esoteric look at karma gives us the following distinctions: Sanchita Karma: the accumulated result of all your actions from all your past lifetimes. This is your total cosmic debt. Every moment of every day either you are adding to it or you are reducing this cosmic debt. Prarabdha Karma: the portion of your "sanchita" karma being worked on in the present life. If you work down your agreed upon debt in this lifetime, then more past debts surface to be worked on. Agami Karma: the portion of actions in the present life that add to your "sanchita" karma. If you fail to work off your debt, then more debts are added to "sanchita" karma and are sent to future lives. Kriyamana Karma: daily, instant karma created in this life that is worked off immediately. These are debts that are created and worked off - ie. you do wrong, you get caught and you spend time in jail.
As a soul, you experience a constant cycle of births and deaths with a series of bodies for the purpose of experiencing this illusionary world gaining spiritual insights into your own true nature until the totality of all experiences show you Who you really are - the I AM! Until you have learned, you will find that pretending that the rules of karma do not exist or trying to escape the consequences of your actions is futile.
Although it may often "feel" like punishment, the purpose of karma is to teach not to punish. Often the way we learn is to endure the same type of suffering that we have inflicted on others and also rexperience circumstances until we learn to change our thinking and attitudes.
We are all here to learn lessons as spiritual beings in human form. These lessons are designed to help us grow into greater levels of love, joy, and awareness. They teach us our true nature of love. Where we do not choose love, show forgiveness, teach tolerance, or display compassion, karma intervenes to put us back on the path of these lessons. Quite simply, the only way to achieve a state of karmic balance is to be love.
Before you incarnated into your present personality, you agreed to put yourself in the path of all that is you need to learn. Once you got here, you agreed to forget this. Karma is impersonal and has the same effect for everyone. It is completely fair in its workings and it is predictable - "do onto others as you would have them do unto you" is a way to ensure peace and tranquillity in your own life as well as the lives of those you come into contact with. The law of karma is predictable - "as you sow, so shall you reap" what is done to you is the net result of what you have done to others!
Karma gives you the opportunity at every moment to become a better person than you are and to open up to the realization that you are the master of your own fate.
The goal of karma is to give you all the experiences that you need to evolve into greater levels of love, joy, awareness, and responsibility. Karma teaches that you are totally responsible for the circumstances of your life. They keep you on the straight and narrow until you have mastered your vehicle and can ride freely on your own. Once you understand that you are the master of your own circumstances and that everything you experience is a direct result of your past actions due to your thinking and emotional responses you can overcome its seeming negative effects by creating only 'good' karma.
Karma forces us to look beyond ourselves (oneness) so that we can see ourselves as we truly are Whole, Complete, at One with everything. Once we truly understand ourselves, we can see our divinity and our unity with all life.
Karma drives us to service. Love means service. Once you accept total responsibility for your life, you see yourself as a soul in service to God. Once you do, you become a fully realized being, allowing God to experience the illusion through you.
Belief in karma and an understanding of its workings will lead you to a life of bliss. Only your own deeds can hinder you. Until the time comes when we release ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles of limitation and fully understand who and what we are we will live under the mantle of karma. So until that day why not create some wonderful experiences for ourselves by "doing onto others, as we would have them do unto us". lucid dream
NO, I would not. I think dreaming is primarily for your subconscious to have some play time. It takes the semi-conscious perspective along mainly for the ride and for the reactions which help process matters of importance back in the REAL world. To completely take over the process with consciousness would be like a captain of a ship trying to micromanage the whole crew underneath him-- day and night.
Sometimes I'd want my dreams to be real but other times I wouldn't.
Nope. I like dreaming just the way I do. I just wish I could remember my dreams more often.
yes, i would accept it.

I've always had trouble putting my fictitous ideas onto paper. In this fashion i could experiance the things that i dearly want to know more about. Withhout the ability to write it down it is hard for me to expand on the ideas so this would be perfect.
Not only no, but hell no. I would never want to experience my dreams in real life. What an absolutely bizarre state of being.It would be, for me, a world of the weird, sometimes fearful, & sometimes violent. Not a chance.
Although no one knows with certainty why we dream or what they are for, surely they serve a purpose, & probably an important one.

With this unknown quality, I would prefer not to mess with them. I don't know what I'd be messing with.
As silly as it sounds, my dreams seem realer to me than my life. In a way, I already have this.

Answers to most of your glactic queries can be found here- Essays on Self Realization Spirituality Hinduism Bhagavad Gita and more
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