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Rich or poor?

Which do you prefer: being a rich person in a poor country, or a poor person in a rich country?

Because wealth is very relative I'd rather keep my current station of being poor in a rich country. Being the wealthiest man in a poor country may simply mean owning a bunch of cows and enough land to be self sufficient agriculturally in a country without running water, electricity or adequate medical capability.
Rich in a poor country. I would try to improve the lives of the poor.
I tend to agree with chairman. Also,The amount of actual wealth would have to be known. I'd rather have less than $5,000 to my name and live in America than have $5,000 and be considered rich by Ethiopian standards.
These people have no idea what they're talking about... Do you think there's only cows in poor countries?

Take the example of Mexico's richest man. He owns over $14 billion! And Mexico is a poor country (a World Bank report recently compared some areas to Africa).

So, come on, being rich in a poor country means you have much more money than you'd have in a rich country (prices are lower in a poor country, so when you're rich, you're actually exhorbitantly rich!)
I'd rather be rich in a poor country. I've had a taste of being poor in a rich country and I think I'll pass.
My family comes from a poor country and the minority rich there seem to be enjoying themselves.
I find it impossible to answer because one is either rich in a poor country or poor in a rich country. One can only know the state they know.

I guess some folks experience both in one lifetime but not many.

Incidently, when you say rich are you talking about money? There are many ways to be rich and poor at the same time.
Can't say, we are all either one or the other or somewhere inbetween the 2. I could guess at how it might feel to live as someone else but it would only be a guess and as such not to useful.

When you say rich do you only mean money rich or what?
silly question !!
RICH in a poor country. Heck, that sounds like RICH in the USA.
Rich person in a poor country because you could donate money or help the poor. I'd feel lonely and afraid in a rich world if I were poor.
I'd rather be poor in a rich country. If I were the richest person in Mexico I still wouldn't be able to drink the water. A rich country has luxuries that benefit everyone, right down to the poorest, and I've become accustomed to those luxuries. I want potable water, paved roads, parks, museums, education for all, and all the other things that I've been fortunate enough to take for granted.
I am the latter. Why not try the former? And rich, no less.
I would never choose to be poor in any country. Although money is not everything, having enough means a lot- ask any poor person.

You can give & help in any country, rich or poor. But having "enough" is extremely important. Just think about looking at your hungry children, & tell me it's not.
Mexico is not a poor country...

It's amazing how little Americans know about their nearest neighbor..

Mexico has a GDP in the trillions, is considered a first world country (China, South Korea, and Brazil are all in the Second World) and most families own their own homes and homes are rather big.

Most Americans just judge Mexico by the Border towns...which are pretty bad, but pretty much look as bad as Compton California, Flint Michigan, and parts of the Bronx.

The people coming over illegally aren't coming over because they're starving in the streets...they can just make more money here than there. And many are indigenous our native americans .

The water isn't bad all over the place..and how many Americans actually drink tap water nowadays with bottled and Britta water?

As long as people judge mexico though by their gardnerners and maids and the border towns..I can see this stereotype never dying, since the only Mexicans who really come to the USA are the ones in most need to better themselves and most willing to work in the labour market. But the majority of Mexicans have a fairly high standard of living with home ownership, car owndership, modern technology etc etc.
What is poor? is it hungry and homeless, or just not in a position to afford a brand new Mercedes?
Its always relative to what you know, and others around you. The only reason poor people in rich countries aspire to be rich isn't because of lack of food or shelter, but their self worth, and being viewed as the bottom of society. The question is, do you feel good enough about yourself to not need the reassurance that you're better off than others around you? If you do, then it doesn't matter how poor you are in a rich country.
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