Thursday, December 15, 2005


The shape of the Earth?

God says, "In order to shake things up and give humans a feeling of awe and wonder, I will turn the Earth from a sphere into the shape of a doughnut." Do you accept? (Assume that gravity will still work in such a way as to hold people and landmasses to the Earth as it does today.)

How could I not accept that donughty fate?

I mean, if I am obliged to stop my car at the whim of a red, metal octagon, how could I be expected to oppose Gawd coming out of retirement and reshaping the earth?
Of course, it would make travel much more interesting.
A doughnut shaped earth would be sexy. I'd say yes.
It would only be acceptable if the earth were monted on the backs of 5 large elephants which are standing on the back of an even larger turtle.
Sure, if I get to drift on an island in the hole.
I guess it would be cool to look up and see China on the other side of the hole. We could spy on them and not need a satelite.

Would the North Pole be on top of the donut. Would it look like sprinkles?

The ring on the outside of the donut (the part that floats above the oil) would be the equator. Unless it was a powdered donut, then we'd be in a donut ice age.
"Time to make the planets!" in serpentine orbit moon presses ocean's milk
I don't want a doughnut Earth from God. I'd ask God to awe me in some other way, like world peace, and stop wasting time with the doughnut idea.
If this shaker-upper and doughnut-maker is waiting for my acceptance, it ain't God. No way, whoever you are. Go punch holes in someone else's planet.
It's God. I accept.
God grant me the strength to accept...etc.. etc...
I too accept. What a beautiful night sky.
I have some serious concerns:

What would happen to soverign borders of all countries? Wouldn't some lose part of their borders?

Many would gain new neighbors, this could be disastrous.

Would some areas be in low light or perpetual darkness?

What would happen to the polar ice caps & magnetic field?

The outside of the doughnut would spin substantually slower than the inside. What kind of problems would this cause?

What kind of climatic changes would occur? Could we feed the planet's people?Would high mountain ranges, which provide for rivers & drinking water, turn into desert?

I could go on, but you get the picture. After thorough investigation by scientists, it might behoove us to say "No thanks, but but we appreciate you for thinking of us".
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