Friday, December 02, 2005


Stay in New York?

For $30 million tax free, would you stay in New York for the rest of your life, never to leave it for any reason?

The question sounds as though it is rooted in Pete Hamill's great novel, "Forever". The answer is "Yes" -- my influence with that much money would not be limited to NY -- I could still have an effect on mational policy and culture -- and explore NY from Jones Beach to the Erie Canal -- and always be close enough to read Rita.
No, because no amount of money could generate the feeling of going to Africa or Bombay.
State or City

State, yes. City, no
Speaking as a confirmed West Coaster as well as a confirmed Southern Californian, hell no.
No, I love Canada far too much to leave for New York. It would have to be 1 billion tax free.
NYCity... Yes! I was born in Brooklyn. Within the 5 boroughs of NYC, but especially in the city (manhattan) you can buy just about anything, be anything, meet anyone, and do it all, at any time of day or night.
Man, woman, gay, straight, whatever your skin color, whatever your religion you can find a friend or lover to spend your life with.
You can get almost anywhere without a car. Whatever weather you like most - there's at least one season just for you.
So... If I were paid enough I would never leave. Of course there are other things I'd like to see in this world, so until someone comes up with that cash, I'll still strive to see the Louvre, Sistine Chapel, Australia's Reef, Alaska, Hawaii, Irish, Scottish. and Bavarian Castles, and good old urban abandoned buildings right here in the U.S. of A.
Absolutely not.
$30 million to stay in NYC wife, who grew up there, and I have actually discussed this.

we both came to the same conclusion. No.

I live in Santa Barbara, and for $5 I would stay here and never go anywhere else.
No way! "Having" to stay anywhere is akin to confinement in prison. I don't care how many entertaining places there are in the prison or how much money I have with which to buy off guards.
Not on your life...NYC is a hell hole and a Third World country in itself. I would rather be middle class in "flyover" country than wealthy in that sewer.
i'd go to New York for bus fare. NY is the center of the universe (I was there once for Fleet Week)
Make it 40 million and you've got a deal.
No way, never been, never want to.
There is no way I could do. I grew up on a farm in a lightly populated area, and I can't stand living in a city of even 5,000 (there I come from that classifies as a city). If I was stuck in New York for life I would go insane. It is to crowded, claustrophobic, rushed and ignorant of the rest of the world.
No, my freedom to go anywhere I want to go does not have a price. I chose freedom, especially to go north and south the US's west coast, as well as all the experiences from traveling around the world. Freedom all the way!
Nope. Without knowing what reasons I may have for going elsewhere I have no way of deciding whether it's worth 30 mil to give it up. I can't see the future, so I'd have to decline.
I've never been there, but I would do it in a second. It offers so much, busy is no problem. And the money to do it with.
Wow. In a second.
When I think about the city I live in & almost never leave, & then think about New York City with all that money, It's kind of like asking me "would you rather have the flu all your life, or not?"
New York is a beautiful city, I lived and worked enough years there to know, and I'm glad I did.

But other voices drew me to another place. I would be quite content to never leave this place for any reason, even if offered $30 million euros/dollars/name the currency of your choice.
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