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To ensure the survival of your consciousness, you must get your brain implanted in another human body. Thankfully, medical technology has evolved to a point at which the transaction will be safe and effective. Given the equal opportunity to choose from ten bodies (five male, five female, your age, various races...) do you stick with your present gender and race, or switch?

What if your consciousness could be uploaded with the push of a button into a mechanical body that appears completely lifelike? Would you be more apt to experiment with race and gender under such circumstances?

I'd stay my own race, if only to feel more at home in the new body, but I wouldn't mind changing to a male body. I think it would be interesting to compare physical ability, and see what it is like to live as the opposite sex.

The same applies to a robotic body.
i would change my body as much as possible. As I lived my life with a new special case body getting different reactions from people and feeling different I would start to get a glimpse of the generalised space of all reactions to human appearance. I would end up being closer to being the general "Universal Human" who is beyond all appearances.
First, I have read that the male brain is different to the femal brain, and so would your brain have to change to fit in the body of a different sex? I am thinking it would and so believe I like to would stay male, and probably stay white, it depends whether discrimination had been stamped out in your reality. In the mechanical body I might change sex and stil either stay white or experiment according to the tolerance rate. If this were for real I and probably many more people would probably ask for some upgrades to the "origional" human body shape, maybe adding extra limbs according to my job and style of life.
I'd stay female but would choose to be one race (I'm half white, half hispanic) and that would probably be hispanic because that's the culture I'm most ingrained with.
No, I'm not very adventurous. ;)
Would I have the same face?

I would definitely stick with my own gender, and just choose the best looking face that suits me; and it doesn't matter what race it is.
For pure sanities sake I think staying within your own gender and race would be best. You were a you have a period. You were a you feel the need to prove your masculinity. I believe that not only does the spirit influence the body, the body influences on the spirit.

You were human now your inside a robotic body.....woops I just ran out of oil....ummmmmm help.

Yes it would be interesting to explore the other possibilities, and it would probably also lead to greater understanding of the world...but I think it would ultimately fracture your mind.
I would be a White Man. Life is ten times more easier, I'm sure.
Tiger Woods
I'd take a pass on the whole deal and just go ahead and die like I was meant to do.
Assuming the new body didn't mind me taking it, I'd change gender & become a good looking white female. Race wouldn't matter that much except I might need some familiarity.
It would be interesting to "live" the other side. Although knowing what I know about men, there is a serious probability I'd become a lesbian.
I wouldn't want a mechanical body regardless of how lengthly the lifespan.

As far as the other offer, I'd choose to live a life as an Italian female. I need to experience the other half first hand & although I've never been to Italy, I've always been fascinated by this country.

I know & have met many who have been to Italy, & they rave about it. All hated to leave, two stayed.

Since we're playing games, that's my choice.
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