Saturday, December 10, 2005


Taboo subjects?

In which of the three "taboo" subjects--politics, sex and religion--are you most interested? Why?

You might have to define "interested." Sure, I enjoy thinking about sex and looking at naked people -- but isn't that a different kind of "interest" than submersion in prayer, the Bible, or related mystical topics? I would like to read about religion, but I would like to get excited by sex.
I am most interested in religion, because I find the concept so foreign. Also, what people do for it is mind-boggling. You can't get bored discussing religion.
While politics and sex are quite the topics, I think they can only give us a superficial insight on the nature of man. Greed and lust, respectively. Maybe I reveal my naivete by making such broad statements, but I truly believe that religion is the most intriguing of the three. It reveals the true nature of who we are; our hopes, fears, history, and future. What makes some outgrow religion and others grow into it? Why does it produce such rage and euphoria at the same time? These may be silly rhetorical question, but just remember: the most influential people of our human race are religious figures.
I'm interested in religion because it's a big part of who I am...and it's a fascinating topic: what people believe (or don't believe) and why.
Unfortunately, many people interested in discussing religion tend to forget good manners and get very rude so I don't really get involved in discussions on it.
I find it interesting that most of the time we see "politicians" "screwing" up the world in the name of "religion."
But isn't sex politically or religiously motivated in the first place?
Sex. I perceive the two others as already ubiquitous.
Taboo is roughly defined as a subject that has been identified as being bad juju when associated with...
Politcs qualifies as taboo - people get killed over differences in poitial opinion. Religion - ditto.
Sex actually has a chance to be a creative process or subject.

My vote: Sex
Most people don't like politics(seems the ones I talk to show anger & disgust) but should be interested.
On religion, they either love theirs or dislike all of them.
I can't think of any who show anger, disgust, or dislike toward sex.
I guess if sex isn't the answer it should be.
With politics & religion I'm most interested in getting as far away from as possible.

With sex I'm interested in getting close to.

I still don't know which I'm most interested in.
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