Monday, December 05, 2005


Trade places?

Would you completely give up your house and all possessions if doing so could guarantee shelter for 1000 people left homeless by the hurricane season?

I fear that donation is too large...I'd rather write a check.
This is really hard to admit but I couldn't do it. I could give up everything except my birds(two parrots)and pictures of my deceased father.
I couldn't, not even to help a thousand people.
1000 people? Nah, maybe 10,000 though. It was a hurricane, and there is already a ridiculous amount of relief money going into it. I'd donate to the effort, but I wouldn't give up my house and all my posessions.
No way. So many of those people are ungrateful third-generation welfare spawn. I know - I'm from there.
I'd seriously consider it.

After all, even leaving aside charitable motivations, think of all the good will and gratitude that the act would generate.

Having a thousand people -- not to mention admiring outsiders -- grateful to you, all of whom have friends,relatives,business associates, skills, etc. would create a tremendous social network.

Of course, some of them will be ungrateful, but say if just a few out of the thousand become really successful, don't you think they'll remember you, the person who helped them when they needed it most?

And let's be serious: most possessions and homesteads today are pretty generic and replaceable. It's not like many of us are living in a house filled with heirlooms that's been in the family for five generations!
Yes! I do have to say I don't own home or have much material-wise. But even if I had a million dollars, it's all just stuff. It's people who count.
No I won't, since if you live in a history region flood area, you deserve what you get.
All my possessions wouldn't buy shelter for one homeless person (and if it were enough to house 1000 then I'd probably have plenty of money to put some kind of roof over their head without putting myself on the streets, anyway) so I'm assuming that this would come about in some sort of genie-in-a-bottle, but with a catch scenario. So I'd be homeless, with nothing to my name, and presumably only the clothing on my back. 1000 people would have shelter, 1 would be homeless. Pretty good numbers, but the difference is that they're hurricane victims, with a claim to quite a lot of money ear-marked for their aid, and the sympathy of millions, and I'd just be some random bum on the streets, with no good reason for being in that situation. Seriously, who'd believe that I gave up everything for an altruistic purpose? If I asked for help I'd get shouts of "get a job!".

Then there's the matter of this "shelter". What kind of shelter am I buying for them with my sacrifice of everything? A nice house, or a thin matress on a floor somewhere that they're going to abandon in a couple of weeks when they get their hurricane relief check?

No, I'm not that selfless. If I were then I probably wouldn't have any possessions to give up, anyway.
Wouldn't consider it for a second. You live in hurricane country, you take your chances.
Hell, you live on EARTH, you take your chances.
Sure. I'm no do-gooder but my home & all possesions are probably worth no more than $125,000.
Pretty darn cheap for 1000 people. If I said no who could you live with if you couldn't live with yourself.
(Could I sell one thing to get a bus ticket to mama?)
We have something to go by here. I sat at home & watched Katrina in horror & disgust. The coast guard was magnificent. Many medical workers were & there were those that risked their lives in other ways.

Then there was actor Penn who showed up in a row boat (with attending cameras) & Mayor Nagin who did everything wrong. I dare say , considering our economic status as opposed to theirs, we probably contributed more than they did.

No one I know of gave their home. I could not donate my wife's home-it would just be too much.

We don't need to give up our homes, we need someone in the proper position who can think & act-our taxes will take care of the rest.
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