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Secret and mysterious tunnels have fascinated humans since the dawn of civilization. Which do you find more interesting, this story of a woman who lived in a furnished lava tube or this story of the Cu Chi tunnels -- a parallel universe fill with 10,000 people?

What are your favorite tunnel images, stories, and myths? What famous people through history dreamed of spending their lives in tunnels?

I'm fond of any of the countless stories about huge underground networks in the southwestern USA.

And also the caves where the Dropa Stones were supposedly found seem interesting.
I seem to remember some stories about tunnels in South America that supposedly linked many of the Incan cities. One of these tunnels, of course, was supposed to contain a large cache of Incan gold.

I find the rumor/legend of tunnels riddling the Giza plateau quite interesting as well.
The Cu Chi tunnels look fascinating, kind of like underground gnome homes.
My friends and I used to either scream or hold our breath (or attempt to) for the length of tunnels as we drove through them.
I have always been fascinated with caves & underground systems. I was raised in Carlsbad, N.M. & there are cave systems throughout the region.
AS far as the girl in Maui is concerned, if there is not a rush of hoards of people to the area which would harm the area- leave the girl alone for Christs sake.
I find everything interesting & caves & tunnels are no exception. But I've never wanted to spend much time spelunking.

If Karen Mayfield needs help in court, let us know, I'll donate.
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