Sunday, December 18, 2005


Upstanding citizen or scofflaw?

Do you believe in the rule of law or do you thumb your nose at rules? This simple questionnaire might help you determine where you stand.

"Ask any native American for a second opinion if you think we are a nation of laws, not men."

I think that we, as a society, are coming very close, if we aren't there already, to being unable to obey a law without disobeying another.

So, under certain conditions I imagine I am a scofflaw, while under other conditions I'm a law abiding citizen.
At best, the law provides guidelines for the orderly conduct of society.

At worst it is a feeble attempt to enforce a perceived morality of a socially accepted group of people and can be suspended if it serves the agenda of one or more of the group.

In short, the law doesn't have anything to do with right and wrong. So, if you have to break the law to do the right thing, don't get caught.
mala prohibita vs. mala in se
I am a scofflaw by code except for handicapped parking and certain decently unassailable institutions. Rediculous, obtrusive, unattractive, arbitrary, unfair and unnecessary laws are subject to jibing, vandalism, sabotage, subversion and legislation.
no does not work...reads'not found'
I try to obey most rules and laws, but I make exceptions when I think a rule or a law is wrong or absurd, or that obeying it is dangerous.


I obey the speed limit, unless I'm on a crowded road, everyone else is speeding, and by following the speed limit I feel I would be likely to do more harm than good.

When I accepted my job, I agreed to provide a sample of my bodily fluids, should my employer ever wish to perform drug tests. In reality, if my boss ever asks me to pee in a cup I plan to tell him to go pee up a rope. Although I would pass a drug test, I'd rather give up my job than willingly submit to a process that is not only degrading, but also violates my privacy in a way that I think should be illegal.
I really like polygonwrangler's answer. There's a lot there.
I also know we must have rules & laws. A republic is built on them & I know of no other system I'd rather live under.
We just have to control men. They are the only thing in the way of a great, enduring system.
I'm basically an upstanding citizen who has a lot of "wanna-be" scofflaw in him. Just not enough guts.

When our founders created the law making body, did they really mean "ad infinitum?" Isn't there anything else these people can constructively do?

At the very least they should, in both federal & state arenas, get rid of the stupid & archaic laws that read more like jokes than laws. At least that would be something constructive they could do & it would temporarily take their mind off making more.
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