Monday, December 26, 2005


Virtual ventricumbent vampire?

For $50 million tax free, would you become a virtual vampire? This means you must stay in your home during daylight hours for the rest of your life -- never to leave except in cases of medical emergencies and doctor visits.

I call it the night shift, only i dont get payed that well.
nope. and i'm a night owl.
Oh boy, sign me up.

My circadian rythms have been knackered since my sophomore year of college. Add that to the fact that most of retail/service America is 24/7 brick & mortar or on-line, vitamin D suppliments are plentiful and sun-lamps are readily available. And no, I don't have to leave my house in order to receive UPS shipments.

Expect quite a few applicants from the Wal-Mart overnight stocker demographic as well.
I could do it for a year, but I couldn't promise the rest of my life.
Sure. At least chances of skin cancer would decrease, right? I'd just move to one of the poles and become a 'hypochondriac' with doctors in exotic locations.
For $50M? I would sleep out my days in an earth-filled coffin. For a mere $50K? Probably not. Not sure at exactly what remunerative point I would start leaning in the direction of that earth-filled coffin.
on second thought, i could use that money to take care of my family. i've never been a morning person. and Hawaii is just as beautiful at night, so i might do it after all.
No. You can't put a price on a gorgeous warm spring day right after a long gloomy winter. Well, I can't, anyway.
yes, because a) i'd use the money to build a home filled with huge windows and skylights, and open-air ventilation. and b) i'd schedule all my doctor's appointments like i order food at expensive restaurants: what kind of flavor/weather have i been craving the most?

i would do the same as justin. i'd build myself a great big ol' bright home or rather several of them that i'd move back and forth to during the evening. 50 mil is a lot of money.
What's the point of having all that money if the whole world is sleeping when you can spend it? Why would anyone rather have money than spend the rest of their lives making a name for themselves, accomplishing the unknown, traveling, and loving people? Money is just something to keep one temporarily satisfied but in the end it will never be enough. $51 million would be even more lonely than $50 million.
Define "home."

On some beautiful tropical islands a "home" might be simply a leaf roof structure open on all four sides.

Besides, with 50 mil I could make a home entirely of invisible glass, and then simply open the windows.

Or I could make a home I wear on my back, like a turtle's, but out of super light materials, and be free to roam wherever I want--a mobile-home, one size fits all.

Shortly after the California Lottery started operation, I read a profile of an early winner, a guy who won $33 million. He lost all his friends and much of his piece of mind. He said his life wasn't better, just different. What's money when you stand to lose so much else?
Neurolinguistic Programming

In the early 1970s in America Richard Bandler, then a young college student studied the work of Fritz Perls and later Virginia Satir and found that he could reproduce their high-level therapy skills to a degree that even surprised him. Bandler seemed to have a natural ability to mimic (model) the language patterns by Virginia and Fritz.

At the University of California at Santa Cruz, Bandler who was well versed in the teachings of patterns in mathematics and computers teamed up with a college professor, John Grinder to help him understand the processes that were at work. Soon Bandler and Grinder, who used what he knew about patterns in linguistics, created a new model for personal growth called NeuroLinguistic Programming.

Bandler and Grinder had set out to model the hypnotic skills of Milton Erickson. They had astounding results. They built a communication model about human "thinking" and "processing" and used that model of how we see images, hear sounds, reproduces smells and tactile experiences in our mind to track and model the structure of subjective experiences.

Sounds very complicated but really it works very simply. Here is an example as used by Paul McKenna - probably the best & most successful hypnotist in the world.

Close your eyes and think of a negative memory. Become involved in the situation as best as you can. Feel the emotions that you felt, see the things you saw and hear the things you heard.

Now take that memory and project it onto a mental screen seeing yourself in the picture. Put a frame around the picture and view it as if it is an old photograph. Next drain all the colour from the picture and shrink the screen to the size of a matchbox.

Have the feelings associated with the picture decreased in any way?

Another good example of NLP involves Anchors. Have you ever smelt a certain perfume or aftershave and had it remind you of a certain person or situation? Gone to a certain place that brings feelings long forgotten flooding back? Or been in any situation that creates emotional responses that would not normally be associated with it? Well if you can answer yes to any of these then you have experienced anchors. Some anchors are associated with positive feelings and some with negative emotions. However, you should be aware that anchors can be consciously installed or already existing ones altered. Here is an example:

Think of a time when you were really happy. If you can't think of one then imagine something that would make you feel really happy. See what you would see, hear what you would hear and feel what you would feel. Really get into the picture and try to experience it as though it were happening now.

Now brighten the colours and make them richer. Increase the volume. Make the picture bigger, brighter, louder. That's it and more and more....

Now press your first finger against your thumb and fully experience your happy feelings. Do this everyday for 2 weeks and you will create an anchor that will instantly recreate these feelings. Whenever you want to feel like that again just press your thumb and first finger together and wham the feelings will come flooding back! Don't believe me? Just try it and see!!! self hypnosis
stay inside a building or specifically "my home". I enjoy moving around. Vampires move around, they just avoid sunlight.
When I was young I had a little brother who was severely handicapped and who needed constant supervision. It frequently fell to me to be his caretaker. What this meant in my life was that I was almost always bound to the house. I could only leave if there was someone else there, and they were willing to take over the responsibility for a certain amount of time. Most days I didn't get out of the house at all.

When I was 20 I moved out on my own. For the first few months I had to remind myself that it was okay to go out. I would have the idea to go somewhere, then I would think, "damn, I can't one else is here". Then I'd realize I could just leave! I didn't have to ask anyone, and I didn't even need a reason! I can't even describe what it feels like to gain so much freedom.

Not for any amount of money would I put myself in a position in which I was forbidden to leave my house. I just couldn't do that again.
Sure. I don't have that many years left anyway. My family would be well taken care of, & I would spend my nights in my Ferrari cruising with my wife.
I love the night & always have. Always wanted cloudy days & in daytime always sat away from the window in a restaurant.

The sun bothers me- the heat, the brightness itself, & it hurts my eyes.

The night has special qualities. It is mysterious & magical & unknown. The night sky is a world of it's own- which is why I have a large telescope.

Fifty million & all I have to do is get rid of the sun- in a New York minute.
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