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I question many realities at once. Discovery demands a pinnacle of understanding which belies the organizational structures of the past. Can you answer any of these questions?

Love, faith, truth -- concepts worth fighting for and words of broad appeal in the vernacular. I saw the author of The Purpose Driven Life on CNN and was mystified by his calm reliance on the truth of the words of his faithfulness -- helpful and generous toward his fellow Man.

Is the written and organized religion a disparate concealer of the somatic entity? -- dissuading individuated organisms from the comprehensible personal coherence of cell material in an all too blunt language that seems intuitively sound, yet ignorant of the selective propensities in nature and fearful of the acquistion of unfettered self-knowledge?

Does the pursuit of science reduce one to component parts and thus rescind GOD through the quest for irreducible fixtures? or shade and distort understanding of our spiritual world? Further, is the irreducible fine structure of the atomic world permissive of a divine being or presenting the evidence of a grand historical hoax?

What might occur if Man bore witness to his Maker and the known truth became uncertain?

Does the physicality of GOD imply an ecstatic rapture of the living without the existing morality, standards of ethics and continuance of reliable tradition? Is commingling with the living GOD a definable will to anything but the all encompassing demiurge of the reticent herald and the sacrament of his method?

Have we travelled to the ends of the Earth to find our own tracks and become stale and withered in this light? Where are we found in light of understandings and have we a destination in mind?

Does a room exist for GOD in each individual or does GoD actually run a hotel chain where we might go?

Does the spirit attain divinity and enlightenment in disciplined revile?

Does the peaceable pursuit of consciousness itself imply the omnipresent labour and can this labour have an end before the physical death?
Which is the more valid question: "Why?" or "Why not?"
If you were given the chance to know the truth of any event in human history, which would you choose and why?
What do you love more: Your TV remote, or your cell phone?
Precisely how does a school bus driver enter the bus? There are no handles or visible locking mechanisms on the outside of the folding door. Are schoolbus drivers really just materialized spirit beings, tortured souls whose punishment is to haul America's brats off to government schools for all of eternity?
My name is Alex C, a student from Outer London. If you have friends (which I'm sure lots of people on this site do) take up a socratic dialogue on issues and (if He existed) what God's teachings on this would be, such as gay rites. Do not use text from the Bible and use simply a general view of God. Do this with people of varying faiths. After this say if and why you think people are good at telling what God thinks, discuss this with people too.
Is email a good form of communication considering email's inability to convey body language and inflection?
What would you do if you were denied internet access for a month?
After reading several of the comments on this site, only to reaffirm that humans are silly and love to express their "deep insights into life, the universe, and everything" along with how many profound pseudo intellectual novels they've read, I can only think of one really important question I would like to have answered.

Why do some people fart on elevators?
What would have happened if the Aztecs defeated the Conquistadors?
Space aliens land in your backyard, approach you, and say "take us to your leader."

Do you point them toward Washington or do you say, "I'm the leader"?
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How many (if any) individuals do you unconditionally love, appreciate, approve, endorse and have absolute trust in, to the point you wouldn't change a single, even tiny characteristic and behavior of them?

(feel free to correct grammar and wording, my English is not native)

This question is bugging me since a few years.
I found and enjoy your site emensely!
One question has troubled me for some time 'though:
Which way should toilet paper be put on a toilet paper holder - with the paper rolling out the front or the rear?
how can a person be sure that his name has been written in the book of life?
When you hear the word alien, what comes to mind?
The questions we ask are related to the things we think are important and want to know. Which of the questions posted so far on The Galactic Question Center do you think most exemplify or best demonstrate human nature, and what makes you think so?

-Jordan, a senior at Harvard
- Do you agree that there may exist a 'Fourth Wall' in the framework of this simulacrum we label 'reality'?
- If so, what ravishing magic will breach it in futures we have yet to realise? and finally...
- What devilish delights await us on the other side?

Hope that is galactic enough... an extension to this can be found at my site The Huge Entity - here. Thanks!
1)Is warfare an instinctual human behaviour? Provide proof to support your opinion.

2)Do psychopaths believe they personally experience love?

3)Should nations have the right to engage in warfare not sanctioned by an international body (like the UN) without condemning themselves to the status of rogue-state?

4)How would you solve the african AIDS crisis and the AIDS pandemic?

5)Has news delivery and content in the United States dumbed down considerably since President Bush announced the largest "disinformation campaign" in "US history" post 9/11?

6)When water is found on another planet would you consider being the first to volunteer to drink it?

7)Could curiousity kill Schroedingers cat?

8)Why was Charlemagne's sword named "JOYEUX" , (Joy)?
America is misunderstood by most of the world. While it seems to comprehend its own reasoning, to those on the outside it often seems incomprehensible. The following juxtaposition is an example most Americans seem oblivious to, yet is just the type of question often pondered by non-Americans:

a) President Bill Clinton was dragged through the entire impeachment process because he lied
to Americans regarding an oral sex incident which resulted in a strained marriage and a stained blouse.

b) President George Bush provably lied many times to Americans resulting in an illegal war and the death of one hundred thousand individuals, soldiers, men, women, and children. There is little call from Americans to impeach President Bush.

Why the over-reaction to a minor personal incident, (lied about), against the minimal to non-reaction over major international destruction and mayhem,(lied about)?

Are Americans more offended by clandestine sex acts between consenting adults or by bloodshed and the death of innocents?

Obviously it couldn't be the lieing or the quantity or implication of the lies?

(Don't say 9/11. There's plenty of objective fact to prove Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.)

(Don't say there's not enough proof to impeach Bush. If you think not then read "The Case For Impeachment" by Lewis Lapham in the March 2006 issue of Harpers)

Is there an American out there who is able to demystify the Clinton/Bush impeachment conundrum for puzzled neighbours?
If you were walking down the street with a friend and as you turned a corner and entered what appeared to be a beautiful garden and upon entering that garden she suddenly changed - her skin turned a powder white, her pupils dilated, her eyes glazed over, her movement became graceful, her voice altered and she happily announced; "I am human!" and it suddenly occurred to you that she had little to no recognition of who you were and that this was not the same person that you had been walking down the street with, how would you respond and what would you do?
Possible shapes for a planet are essentially surfaces which, if filled with an incompressible gravitating fluid, will generate a gravity field one of whose equipotential surfaces will coincide with the given surface. One example of such a shape is a perfect sphere, or (if rotation) an ellipsoid of revolution. My question: are there other possibilities? For example, could a toroidal planet be stable?
what did you dream of last night?
Are infinity and the finite opposite?
Is the global reliance and addiction to money just an evolutionary phase we are going through, that will eventualy lead us to an empathatic and caring society?
Why do the editors of this web site show the time below people's responses? A date would be of some interest. But the time?
5:55 AM ... 4:24 PM??

I guess I would prefer responses to the 'Why' over the 'Why not'.

Respectfull: Bush did not 'lie' Bob- any more than you did with that 100,000 reference.
On the subject of money and earning salary... Would you rather everyone earned salaries as the currently do, everyone earn and equal salary and equal amounts of money, or for there to be no money at all? And what would such a world be like, and how would it operate?
Read this, and tell us which one you would choose and why?
My name is Casey Logan, Artist from San Francisco. My question is for Cliff in regards to comments made about space travel heard on the coast to coast interview. If a person leaves earth in the year 2000 and travels the speed of light and returns to the earth in 2050 having only aged slightly due to the space time dilation theory or the twin paradox what would be the difference if you were cryogenically frozen in 2000 and brought back in 2050. If there is no difference then is time travel into the future nothing more than cheating death and if this is the case then is living longer in fact time travel and if this is the case isn’t living in general a constant state of time travel into the future? Thanks
If you had a stop watch that if you set it for 2 hours, and start it, you would skip 2 hours ahead in time, but not aged a sec, how often would you do this, and how much would you extend your life by??
I posited this to the philosophy 101 class I was taking in college.

Q: A man with a gun walks through the door and points his weapon at your head. Give me a reason not to kill you,” he says. What do you say?
(Note: death is imminent. You may not overpower or disarm the questioner. Only what you say will have any effect on the outcome.)
Cliff i heard you on coast to coast to coast Am last night
You were talking about
Time travel,there are two places i would like to go.
To the Greek era sparta where women were treated fairly.
and the 1800s.
Why does the News Media think Americans care what celebraties think about Political Issues?
From Visible Language

"The elves were 'telling' me (or I was understanding them to say) that I had seen them before, in early childhood. Memories were flooding back of seeing the elves: they looked just like they do now: evershifting, folding, multidimensional, multicolored (what colors!), always laughing, weaving/waving, showing me things, showing me the visible language they are created/creatures of, teaching me to speak and read."

Personally I have a vague recollection of having DMT-like experiences as a child. I remember being sucked back through some kind of tunnel or space. In my memory, this is followed by fragments of images. I think it usually ended the same way: I see a row of pillars. On top of the pillars may have been statues, possibly ancient Egyptian looking. I see myself emerging from behind one of the pillars. Then I'm back in the real world.

Have you ever had DMT-like or otherwise psychedelic experiences as a child? Did you see elves or other strange creatures in your childhood?
You wake up one morning to the news- Through the use of quantum computers, scientists have found that there is an afterlife in an upper dimensional realm.
It was found that almost all arrive, identity intact. However some are lost, their essence disolved. How or why this happens is unknown.
It was further stated that if a sample of dna was given to the quantum computer, a quantum signature could be established ensuring arrival identity intact.
It was further stated that if sample was taken, they could prevent arrival with identity.
Question: Would the government take control "for the public good?" Would they determine who would make the grade? Would the people go for this to "clean the riff-raff out of the realm? And lastly, would you refuse to go along if the only way out was suicide before sample taking?

I find your site fascinating & have sent in many comments anonymously.
Its a really great way to pass time & learn about other peoples curiosities.
And I have another question- I have three rules to think by & for opinions by & they are(not original by any stretch, but require true realization)-
(1) The older I get, the less I know for certain.
(2) If you don't UNDERSTAND both sides to every issue, you have no opinion.
(3) "There has never been a decision made in human history that was not based in emotion.
Are these valid? If yes why, if not , why?

I have seen segments on tv & read the future holds the very real possibility that books will be available only on discs.
I collect books & have a library in my home. Anyone who has one knows what a special place it is.
Did you ever wonder what kind of a world it would be without books?
How do you curl up on a cold winters night with your favorite plastic disc?
How does one collect first editions of plastic discs?
Does a very old copy of a plastic disc have value? Could you even read it on your new notebook reader?
What would it mean to have a signed copy of your favorite author on a plastic disc?
How do you have a library with the walls lined with plastic discs? Could there be any aesthetic value whatsoever?
How warm a feeling can you get from a disc? How would you "thumb" through it and admire it?
How could you take a disc with you "anywhere" and read without having an electronic reader, batteries, or an electric outlet?
I ask you now, what kind of a world would that be? Or am I way off on this and people would become as enamored with plastic discs as I am with books?
How do you feel about this?

In "Godlorica", Cliff made reference to a patent for a Jesus doll.

Made me wonder what a God doll would look like, & just exactly what would it do?
Not much of a question but a statement:
The only things impossible are the things you cannot imagine.
If it was possible:

One person (in a pod) is taken to absolute zero, where I have been led to believe all existence of motion ceases.

Another person (in a craft) is taken to light speed, where all time & distance shrink to zero;

Would they be effectively in the same place?
What is compassion?

Compassion seems to be so conditional from so many people. It can even be regulated by the mood of the moment, and changes.

I don't mean a dictionary "feeling of pity or mercy".

Just exactly what is the definition of true compassion?
You post many questions on the main site; some which are penetrating, and others which make me question whether there was any thought behind them. Based on the premise of this site, I wonder if you have made any insights on the nature of who and what we are based upon the responses you have received. If so, are you planning on publishing them at any time?

-Brian, UW Student
Why don't you post questions once a week rather than once every four to six weeks? I think your traffic would increase substantially and the site more lively. What do you think?
I have a close college he smokes a lot. Recently he always ask me to go downstairs with him, then he starts smoking. When he is smoking we always have good conversation, laugh a lot and have good time. He is a nice guy, I like to be with him during the work breaks. But I can not stand he smoking, not good for him, not good for me. I don’t want to go downstairs with him any more because he smokes. But I don’t know how to tell him. He is nice guy, I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Please help me. Thanks.
Galactic is a good theme. Galactic rotation must have been vaguely figurative since a billion years ago, but it was just determined exactly recently. It must be cutting all life's evolution without regard to which is male and which is female, requiring all sexed beings to realign themselves.
If you have to work out the amount of nothing i.e. the space left with in the atmosphere measured against the area where there is something be it a wall or a tree. What unit would you use as a representation of a unit of nothing?
A woman comes up to you with a flower in her hand and says, "I am God, and so is this flower." Is she right? Why?
You are about to be dropped into a completely new country, about which you know nothing. You will have nothing but the clothes on your back. You can learn ONE SINGLE WORD in the language of this new place -- what word do you choose?
The next question should be:

"The next question should be?"
How many 'eye' would a hyper-being need in order to see in 4D? Would an amblyopic hyperbeing se in 3D? How would this handicap it? With so many directions in hyperspace what's the best way to react when someone yells, "Watch out!"?"
If God is all-good and the maker of the entire universe, where did evil originate? Or to pose the question in a different way, how does evil come from an all-good source?
If it was revealed (...somehow) that panexperientialism or panprotoexperientialism were true, and that all process have some form of subjective awareness or something resembling it, what sort of non-animal part of the universe would you like to experience the "world" of. At least based on what empathy you can summon to try and imagine what it might be like, (they would doubtless be indescribably alien, so we'd be imagining a reflection of a shadow of what it's actually like)

Be anything - A tree or just a leaf in the sunlight, a falling water droplet flowing through itself and rippling with surface tension as it passes through the air. what might a flag flapping in the breeze feel like - how would the physicality of the fabric rippling, the passing air, translate into subjective experience the way our chemistry of ions and charge gradients responding to sensory stimuli produces, among other things, some relatively small amount of conciousness?
Just an idea, don't really beleive any of it's premises. What are other people's wishes to be?
Dear Clifford,

To your knowledge has anyone found a connection between the Chinese Magic Square (5 at center) and
the Golden Mean?


Jonathan Leaf
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