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What is lucid dreaming?

"Lucid dreaming occurs when the dreamer knows that she is dreaming. It's among the most controversial areas of dream research, partly because of misperceptions over how much individuals can influence dreams -- or more importantly, whether they should. Yet proponents say lucidity is an important step in understanding dreams and creates a vital bridge between people's sleeping and waking states." -- Virginia Linn

A few nice lucid dream links can be found Here.

Do you think that lucid dreaming lets us glimpse valid realities or that it allows us to interact with our own reality in new ways? Is lucid dreaming "just" a dream?

I've always felt, and had it "confirmed" by Fred A. Wolf, that dreams in general are perfectly legitimate, alternate realities (as opposed to one's brain singing to itself). I'm not sure how dream realities can be truly proven to exist simply becuse the "dreamlands" do not lie in a cartesian direction and I'm not sure how to get any measuring/recording apparatus into there.
It has been said that dreaming is the playground of the mind.
Lucid dreaming is like day dreaming, we effect the day dream
so why could we not effect the lucid dream.
People who are near death often have dreams that they will
swear were real, it is there perspective of reality.
One would guess that depends on your perspective of what a
dream is. Overall I would say a dream is just that, a dream.
I would say it's kind of both. A private realm with the possibility of crossing over with/into a more universal dreamland if conditions are right.
I have had Lucid dreams. From the slimplist form...I saw a newspaper rack, coin operated and the date on it was 1800 something. I KNEW I had to be dreaming. I went into an old building (street was made of dirt) and I was wearing old fashion clothes. That is all I remember.

Once I had a dream that my uncle gave me a hug. I could feel the hug and felt like I'd visited with him.

Another time I had a vivid lucid dream that could be a movie, if I could write it! I'd just watched a movie about lucid dreaming (Waking about this guy could not get out of his dream and talked about lucid dreams) At the end, in the dream, I'm waking up to my messy apt and think, why would I want to stop dreaming (mind you I am still in my dream, not fully awake) and continue the dream a bit more.

I don't think I am fully lucid dreaming. I don't control them per say. Once I was flying and decided to keep flying but that is about it. I think I'd rather let my dreams be controlled by my subconcious and that is why I don't take it further. THOUGH, I am having trouble sleeping because my dreams are so revealing...and part of me would like them to STOP! But, I think I can't solve these feelings in my waking life, what makes me think I'd be better at solving them through being aware I'm dreaming and taking control?
I have an open mind but have never had anything happen to me that was remotely paranormal.
A lucid dream I've had & means you are part asleep & part awake & can direct the dream for a few seconds until becoming awake.
I might be missing out on something cosmos-shaking here, but until I have ANYTHING happen otherwise, a dream is a dream is a dream.
I have heard about theories on dreaming all my life. It seems the number of books on dreaming are endless. I enjoy hearing or reading of new theories.

However....I believe there is a limit as to how much dreaming actually affects reality. They are undoubtedly important to our mind/body in some way, but beyond ourselves, are they affecting anything else unless we make it that way after awakening?

I have had lucid dreams all my life, as has everyone I know, but how asleep/awake direction of dreams could affect reality confuses me. Call me ignorant, but how does the existance of a dream,lucid or otherwise, affect reality at the time it is happening?

To my mind, a dream is a part of sleep state which can affect the dreamer in many ways. But I have questions.

What do people mean when they say dreams affect reality?
What do people mean when they say you enter a different realm or dimension?
What do people mean when they say "listen to your dreams?"

Dream "science", if any, is in it's infancy. I, personally, am going to take no direction from anyone on dreams. No one knows anything about dreams except "what they believe" & things like heart rate, blood pressure, & eye movement during dream state.

Almost sounds like a religion.

Almost sounds like something better left alone.

I'll be contented with listening to others hilarious dreams & telling my own. That's how they affect MY reality.
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