Monday, January 16, 2006


Can we improve?

How can we we improve the Galactic Question Center so that it is more interesting, attractive, or useful to you? Are we asking the wrong kinds of questions if we would like to generate more interest in this Blog?

i'd like to see it on something else than Blogger. with something as discussion-based as this, it would be nice not to have to leave the page every time you make a comment.

maybe migrating to or maybe there's a way w/ Blogger to integrate comment posting on each article's page?
PS, i read Godlorica and The Six Thousand as well. so the afforementioned apply across the board.
I think that more discussion should be encouraged.

As it stands, it seems that most people leave a statement here in much the same way as someone leaves a gratuity at a restaurant: "Here ya go. Thanks for the cheeseburger. Maybe I'll eat here again".

I post here because of the small yet attentive audience, as opposed to a huge group that receives 600+ emails a day. My voice may actually be heard here.
You could ask for comments on things that are relative to the real world. I've asked this question before to no avail but I'll ask it again. "Have we evolved emotionally at the same rate that we have evolved technologically"? Or, does man evolve emotionally. Are we for ever motivated only by our primal instincts? Why does man place himself above nature and natural phenomena? Why does man give God human characteristics? What could possibly make a human being believe that we could be anything similar to a creator of a universe? If someone wishes to react to these question, please don't give me any of this spiritual, metaphysical, dream world, crap. Your universe doesn't work like that.
Ask who brought you to your Center...and why you chose to visit...Would you come back? What did you hope to achieve?
Ask, what is logic? Is what we assume is logical relative to this universe only? Would our logic work in a different universe? Do the laws that make this universe work dictate what defines logic?
Questions on controversial topics or pop culture might generate more interest but I don't know if the answers would be interesting.
I like answering your questions because I like to think about things so the way you've got this blog set up is ok with me. Discussions bore me.
Boreing? Little female monkey brain, please turn on your thumper.
this here "leaveyercomment" page leaves something to be desired...eye shouldn't 'ave to especially request to see the original post upon which one wishes to comment, it should be right hereabouts, and the bit with navigating away from here back to your main page is clunky..there should be a button so a blogger can nav back and forth within galquest w/o having to 'navigate away' I agree with j.Ruckman that Wordpress is a primo plat for threads and gibes flung together personally, yours is nice don't get frazzlib wrong
Yes, anything can improve even humankind's version of God.. This site is great fun but contains too many hypothetical and multiple choice questions. Reminiscient of a high school psych-profile survey. These types of questions limit the field of response rather than open or expand it. eg/ The question about having everything one could ideally want but only taking a single loved one with you does more to expose the sociopathic traits of those who respond than it does to encourage intellectual consideration or creative response. The majority of the several questions allowing the participant to select only one or two of several listed objects or books would seem to be thoroughly American. A Canadian or european would have a difficult time finding anything of current relevance in any of those lists. I'd suggest straight forward, objective questions, which ask that proofs accompany opinions, might stimulate a greater frequency of response and an improved level of creativity and profundity.
Is it more important to understand the basic hardware in the universe, then the software.
I agree that multiple choices are limiting. For example, rather than giving us a list of 10 items found in a barn as a gift to an alien, ask us to choose an item from our home. Of course the people who gave the human finger to the alien would have the option of hacking off one of their own for that purpose.
I'd like to see some feedback on comments left by contributors.
Whether loved or hated it would be interesting.
I have much enjoyed reading & commenting anonymously on this site for the passed couple of months. I like the questions.
As with anything, there must be change or growth, or both. To keep people coming back, & to get more contributors, I believe you need more questions(you could eliminate the ones with fewest contributors), & expand.
You cannot allow it to become static.
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