Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Is there a question you're dying to ask a particular person but you don't because you fear the answer? What is the question?

Love me?
If I look in the box, will the cat be dead or alive.
To Jesus (if I could time travel): What did you really mean?
Why are you enacting laws that are based on meta-question symptoms instead of examining the direct causes and effects?
to my mom:
have you been happy in your life. are you really satisfied?
Can I borrow 20 bucks?
what was i going to ask?
how do humans get their names written in the book of life?
Is there really a 'book of life'? In which library? Is it a reference book or can I take it home for a week? Who's the writer? And of course I love you because you're anonymous and that makes you either enigmatic or ashamed, right?. And I bet if you look in the box often enough the cat will eventually be dead because that's the nature of life, isn't it? What I really meant was take it easy, you worry too much, have a glass of wine and carefully reread my sermon on the mount...especially the part about the silliness of striving to survive, after all you're smarter than a crow, or are you? Well meta-question symptoms sounds like I'm a smarty pants now doesn't it? So that makes the choice easy, doesn't it? Is your mom's name Mrs. Anonymous..hope so...cause she'll never get your question otherwise which must mean you're asking no one as usual, right? Absolutely not to the twenty bucks..never lend money to anonymous strangers they may just disappear like their names did before them, or is this false deduction? And you..you were going to ask if you're the same anonymous as the other five anonymouses on the page when you should ask if always being anonymous kinda knocks the wind out of your questions? baaaaah?
Are we there yet?
I would love to ask my mother how she justified abusing, and allowing others to abuse, her children.
I'd like to ask my wife "from the depth of your soul, how do I really, really, rate?"
I'll never ask.
Do you really feel the same way I do, or am I just imagining it?

Also, Will you forgive me if I never say anything to you?

Love me? PLease?

Regardless of these self-serving questions (honest to whatever, this is what I would ask), I would wish the person a happy life where they rise above their shadow.
I would ask God if he truly does exist. I fear, however, that no response would be just as demoralizing to me as an "affirmative".
A few days ago I was re-reading the section at the bottom of this page under "We welcome your own questions". In that section I was also re-reading the ninth from top comment by anonymous which begins "After reading several of the comments on this site,....".

This person stated that the comments he/she read reaffirms humans(site comments) are "silly". That we love to express "deep insights", insinuating these insights were also silly, and that we chose to comment on "how many profound pseudo intellectual novels they've read."

I, for one, know that many of my comments are silly, my novels mentioned are anything but "highly intellectual", and my other comments are far from scholarly. I would suggest that other contributors would agree that at least some of their comments were similar to mine as described.

All of which made me wonder if Eureka/Pickover would rather have had a site evolve into a Spinoza-Dirac-Joyce-Pribram type of exchange, or what they got.

But I'm afraid to ask.

Danged if this ole down-home plebian wouldn't rather have this type of site(wif dem comments) than some of them "smart" ones I dun seen.
to queen elizebeth: are you a lizard?

Does having the words Bob the Goat typed where anonymous is make you less anonymous on the internet? You are still completely anonymous and that is what alowed your answer to be completely snarky and counter productive without fear of actual consequence. And you totally avoided the question. Ryan Martin in Howell Michigan.
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