Sunday, January 08, 2006


Dream insects from higher dimensions

"What I saw before me was a small room like the interior of a tent, populated by enormous insects. These insects were at once strange, distant-seeming creatures, totally unlike me and not communicating any sense of the human at all, and yet at the same time aware of me in a way that eloquently and terrifyingly signaled intelligence."

How do you feel about the author of this, Whitley Strieber? Does this ever make you question the nature of reality?

I'm not sure what to make of Streiber. I've only read one of his books, 'Roswell', and that was quite a few years ago. I do remember that the aliens were depicted as being a fairly malign species (by many moral standards) that would be right at home at New York's Hellfire Club.

In the end, I can't say that Strieber himself makes me question the nature of reality with regards to extra-terrestrial intelligences.
Unfortunately, I'm not convinced. Maybe I would have been in middle school, when such fantasies were still possible for me. I'm sure the inner child/inner-"believer"/inner-X-Files fan might be upset with me, but I believe that it's for anyone to be caught up in a particular worldview, whether that world is full of gods, or full of conspiracies. What, intellectually, separates the pagan worshipper who sacrifices animanls from a successful Christian businessman? Outlook on the world. Some are more fantastical than others, some hold different ideals and values. I think Strieber, while not crazy, has taken on a more fantastical view of life.
'Communion' is the single most helpful book i have ever read and Whitley is one of my favorite people, ever. i have had my own 'alien' experiences and i cannot tell if they are 'real' or a part of my psyche so i take the middle road. see for news and his free Dreamland radio program. it's awesome!
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I am unfamiliar with the author, but I did see a television program on possible future insects.
If the program is right, it will certainly be a profound attribute to our "reality".
I have seen visions of these beings before while working with mushrooms. They were lined up behind my friends and having pictures taken with them.
Whitley Streiber has found that writing about little green (okay, gray) men is an easy enough way to make money. I've never understood why anyone takes this sort of subject matter seriously.
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