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Would you rather be deeply romantic with someone in front of a living-room fireplace, on a spiral staircase, or in a cavern?

In a cavern, of course, naked. Romance is a mating ritual which should be performed in a primitive environment.
I'm a traditionalist--in front of a living-room fireplace for me.
call me unromantic but caverns are cold. i don't like being naked and cold. and spiral staircase? someone could get hurt. fireplace please!
Romance or sex? I got romantic in front of a fireplace once, and the whole house caught on fire. It was not so romantic when the firemen were axing the door down.
A reg. staircase might be good...but only from behind. Being on the bottom of the staircase left some real bruises on my body before. I looked like a refugee from an S&M snuff film by the end.
Perhaps at the entrance to the cavern, with a small fire.
Romance isn't a short duration kind of thing. The question must be referring to making love. I'm with anonymous on this one - any place, any time is a possibility for making love. The possibilities are endless.
Long term? Fireplace! Indicative of success. I would own the fireplace, and all the domain surrounding.

Success is such an aphrodasiac!

Of course, if the Cavern is merely a grand attachment to my Monolithic Dome Home,

Well, then, all is well!
setting, leverage, or atavism?
Cavern. Fireplace is cliche and the staircase would probably be uncomfortable.
A living room strikes me as eminently the most comfortable of the three suggested arrangements.
What kind of exquisitely mad question is this? I'd like to get romantic in a Giger-stylised spiral staircase descending into an apparent infinity with an orthogonal gravatational cenre as the piece de resistance.
The cavern seems like it would require immensely more effort and spawn an accordingly immense payoff. Cavern.
Having tried all three and several others,the cavern on a cliff high above the speaking river was by far the best, the most timeless, a place of bliss.
...then again these were all transitory, pseudo dramatic episodes not nearly as romantic, sustained and genuinely happy as the days in the tiny cabin beside the old aboriginal campsite on the shores of kootenay lake...the cabin sans fireplace, sans spiral stairs, sans cavern...
Living room fireplace. It seems the most romantic.
At my age comfort wins out over adventure. fireplace.
Does it matter one whit if thats where you happen to be?
Sarah is right. Not the places for "deeply romantic" with a choice which the question infers.

Caverns are cold, rocky, & if there is dirt it is like baby powder. And don't forget the bat droppings.

Staircases were meant for only one thing- to get up or down, but never to set up house on.

Why in blazes would I not choose the blaze? A bear rug & a warm, wonderfully smelling pecan wood fire?

A person would be a mentally convoluted masochist to opt for the others.
A cavern, I would say. I love caverns, so intraite and raw and real and coarse; bone of the earth. Still, I'm talking about romance and not sex, as cavern floors are often covered by sharp little rocks.
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