Thursday, January 19, 2006


Vesica piscis

Using the following diagram, how would you describe your own journey?

Achieving a balance of "planning for the future" versus allowing randomness (and adventure) into one's life is always confusing. I do not know what the proper mix should be.

Which kind of person has a better life: the planner or the one who let's luck in?
The cosmically colored light pervading all things contains the divine divisions that enable all the multiplications comprising the matrices of reality to attain enumeration in particular as an all encompassing grid has been set out to host the stages and scenes of life, and it travels outward from the center that we perceive as our place at an impossible speed so that we might never hope to overrun it, yet it is very much warming and with us... As each sentient perceiver wrought in the mysterious, dualistic riddling perambulation of life is bound to exist as a self at the central overlap of bicameral halves comprising the whole, this vehicle is navigated and circumambulated by esoteric reason of choice as each is destined to choose. With subtly synchronous comment from the universe of completely disparate origins comes the pique of criticism accurate to the minutia of millionths that only the most personal mind of each knows...We can judge our apparent position in the universe by hearkening to the character and message of the criticism levied therein; it is expertly tailored for opening and enrichment and of your wisdom if one will only believe and center upon truth nuetrally. This syzygy in which we are enmeshed allows for dwelling in any extreme, depending upon the tastes of your particular manifestation, but if one wishes the felicity of smooth life-travel progress one is well advised to straddle that numinous overlap between meaning and absurdity. ...
My onw journey would show those two circles shifting back and forth alot...but overall it's good for a few laughs. Maybe some sort of laugh-o-meter would be more accurate.
Greetings from the south end of absurdity!
Obviously you have a fetish for testicular torsion. There are several good drugs on the market to help you with this problem. May I suggest Seroquel or Depakote. 5oomg of each, twice a day.
Wow, what a wonderful diagram!

I sometimes wish it was easier for me to discern the meaning from the absurdity. Seems to me that both show up in great heaps simultaneously. Guess it's important to keep a good sense of humour.
An absurd journey peppered with joy & suffering, without any idea what the meaning is.
I'm in one of those little orbs, hidden form yet knowing of the light the sun shines with. The journey, meaning, and absurdity all block me from that light; I am getting blacker and darker all the time while I realize that all I will ever be is kind.
When I look back over my life, I'm baffeled by much of it. Mine is similar to arget's, meaning I'm buried in meaning, journey, & absurdity.

The two empty circles, to me, represent paths to enlightenment,which means that if I was suddenly thrust into them it would be a case of that old "yesterday I couldn't spell it, today I are one" situations.
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