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All over the world

People from 88 countries and all seven continents have visited the Galactic Question Center. If you are from the United States, do you have something you'd like the foreign visitors to know about this country? If you are from outside the United States, do you have something you'd like to say to American visitors to this site?

Let us know where you're from.

Native American Indian reservations ( for the most part) are third world countries locked within the U.S. borders. Most are on the most inhospitable land. You could not farm it if you could afford the equipment to do so. The housing is poor and opportunities for jobs are far and few. People go hungry and rely on donated clothing. They hope they have enough allotted fuel to make it through the winter. People in this country don’t realize this is going on.
I am from New Zealand - It is a very Racist country.
Don't judge Americans solely by our governing officials and their policies.

Don't hesitate to judge us on our runaway consumerism, though. That's a fair cop.
We aren't all like you see and read in the news or other media. Some of us really do want the world to be a safe place to live. Some of really do want everyone to be able to do what ever they damn well please as long as they don't infringe on the rights and liberties of others. But alot of us are self serving ass holes.
I'm from the backwoods of Vermont -- basically Canadiastan -- and I'm amazed to find out that the "useless" wireless card in my new laptop works everywhere I go.

Not only does this mean I'm not paying for internet anymore, more importantly it forces me to radically consider everything I thought I knew about rural Vermont. Which is badass.

I really don't feel I can speak for America, since I'm working on getting Vermont out of the US. This is a scaled-back version of my high school plan to get every nation on Earth off the planet altogether so us humans can have some peace and quiet.
It seems my comment didn't make it to this page. Perhaps Americans are not really interested in foreign perceptions of themselves. Other than this suppression of a relatively gentle opinion of america the arrogant empire,this site is generally stimulating. Did cyber space eat bob-the-goat's comment or was the web master so dedicated to pledging allegience that she/he chose not to publish? If the latter is the case your true "stripes" are showing.
I did not vote for Bush!
It's not true, what they are saying.
Please don't judge all of us by our leaders or government. It is not true that we get to vote for our leaders and how the country is run. For instance, the ruling parties, the Republicans and Democrats have agreed that they will not allow anyone who is against illegal immigration to run for president on either party platform. The fix is in.

Americans have repeatedly passed laws for what they wanted, only to have just one person, a judge, throw the law out.

Our leaders have appointed themselves to be Royalty and Kings. We do not really get to choose.

Also, many, many Americans DO NOT support the war mongering mad bombers, George Bush Junior and Senior.

I would like to say, "I am SO sorry to the Sunni Iraquis."
Americans do not truly get to choose our president. The fix is in. Both the Republican and Democratic party have agreed that neither will allow anyone who is against illegal immigration to run for president on their ticket. They are treasonous, and have destroyed our soverienty and are systemetically dismantling our country.

Also, not all Americans support the two mad bombers, George Bush junior and senior. I would like to say, "I am so sorry" to the Sunni Iraquis.
I am from the US. All they care about here is money. If you are in a country that has something that is considered valuable, the government in our country will find a way to steal it.
America is the land of the Free but what are we free from?
America should lead the way for the rest of the world by making it a human right for all to have enough food to eat,for all to have housing and medical care and an education. It's our divine right as human beings!
Americans aren't what you think we are. It's not surprising that we're misunderstood. When I watch tv, go to movies or read magazines I don't see myself reflected there, so I can't expect the rest of the world to either. Not all Americans worship at the altar of comsumerism. Most of us like capitalism, but the two aren't the same.

A few things about me: I don't own a car. Most of my clothes were purchased years ago, some second hand. Quite a lot of the things I own were bought second hand, in fact. Occasionally I buy something costly, but I consider it for months before making the purchase. I don't wear make-up. I rarely dine out. I have one credit card, and the balance is zero. I'll never have cosmetic surgery. I'm not tempted by fads or trends or slick marketing, and I've never been interested in keeping up with the Joneses. I have one superficial indulgence: I color my hair. I do this myself, and it costs me 6 dollars a month. I give 10 percent of my income to charity. I have my religion, but I don't believe your eternal soul is in peril if your beliefs are different than mine. I try to be a good person, but I don't think I'm better than you. I don't love everything about my country, and some things about it frighten me. But I love my country, warts and all, because this is my home. I don't think your country should be more like mine. If I were to travel there I would be charmed by your local archetecture and culture, and annoyed at the sight of a McDonald's. And here's the most important thing about me: I'm not unusual. The U.S. is filled with people like me, but you'll never see us in the media. We're not trying to be famous. For every Paris Hilton, Bill Gates, George Bush or Donald Trump there are thousands of people like me. Washington D.C., Wall Street and Hollywood are foreign lands to us. If you think some American establishments look down their noses at you, you're right. We know how that feels. Those establishments have contempt for us, too.
The USA would have been a better place if the nasty Puritans had not grabbed the reins and walt disney had not supplied the mythology.
From the USA
Iraq, you are welcome.
As an addendum to the comment "Iraq, You're welcome" I mean that we, INCLUDING our leaders, are generally good. I feel that we do quite a bit to help people around the world. The world is arrogant for only seeing what they believe is evil. Man I am frustrated and tired of being dragged through mud about everything we do. Would it be better if we were isolationists and ignored Kuwait, the tusnami, and other problems we commit our resources to?
I'm 63 years old & have been complaining about something concerning my USA for about that many years.
But for the life of me, I can't think of any other place I would rather move to.
That's not patriotism talking, that's just looking around.
I would want them to know that we are pretty much like them. We are both people bound to our culture & under our individual governments.

We are both under politicians & or leaders who are primarily vain, egotistical people who love the camera & the acquisition of power. Those attributes are almost a requirement for wanting the job anyway. And they all serve under the guise of "serving solely for the good of the people". There are few exceptions.

Our differences are the place we were born & the conditions we live under. We , like you, live day to day the best we can, & that makes us all pretty much the same.
the americans are the secret lapdogs of the english.the queens a shape shifting reptile who eats babies. david icke told me so. david...your a legend!
(someone from Asia)
Someone once said, "people believe everyone else is just like them." If you think all politicians are crooks and are power hungry, it might be that that is the way you would be if you ever had the nads to run for office.
This country does have some racist. No question about it but consider that we are the first nation in the history of the world to integrate races into a moderately cohesive society. Before America there has never been a society that treated all races the same under the law. Took us a little while to blaze that trail but we have paved it for the other great diverse countries of the world like New Zeland, right? The Colonial powers were always accommodating and respectful of the Aborigines, right?
If you numb skulls would crack a history book once in awhile you might realize the huge advancements and sacrifices the American people have made for the advancement of the human condition. It is not without flaw but as Winston Churchill said, "it's the best form of government mankind has invented yet." It amazes me how many people get on the web and complain about America and capitalism, the very things that has given them the right to complain and the platform by which to complain! Use some common sense people!
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