Friday, February 03, 2006



Sometimes as we go about our daily lives, we encounter devices and gadgets that surprise us by truly improving the quality of our lives. As two simple examples, for me, these two items are surprisingly useful or important: Waterpik and Document Stand that lets you clip a paper to the vertical stand so you can look at your marked-up manuscript while you type. What products delight you -- products that you now find difficult to live without?

Contact lenses. Computers. Microwave ovens.
bicycle fer wringing thrills from a modified walk, vaporizer fer toasting trichromes clean off the calyx, Mac laptops fer seam-free wireless
To me PDAs are the greatest thing since wheels & axiles. I use mine to keep track of my daily schedule, listen to music, read electronic books, work with digital images, spread sheets, word processing documents, you name it. All this computing power in a pocket size! I take it everywhere.
cordless drills, snowboards, microwave heat bags.
Nuclear Power Stations
Digital camera. At first I resisted. I mourned the inevitable death of film. I still have a nostalgic love for film, but I shoot digital.

Sonicare toothbrush. These should be issued to everyone upon the emergence of their first permanant tooth.
Any device that makes ice.
My God, it has to be ice.
I can't think of a device that is more used by everyone, more thankful that they exist, or more beloved if you just think about it, than a toilet.
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