Friday, February 10, 2006



What kinds of things do you want to learn before you die?

The key to eternal life.
To see the world through a completely different grid, or worldview every day.
The cure for schizophrenia.
Jazz Piano.
The percept of sublime oblivion.
The secret of sublime art
Learning other lanuages, of course, is very appealing, though the effort requires more discipline than I've so far been able to muster consistently. But the desire to learn other languages goes beyond the simple & obvious ability to communicate with other peoples in an immediate & practical sense. It is also a window into other paradigmns or world views, the joy of finding the roots of English words or seeing how other cultures think about things or express their ideas about life, reality & each other. So far I've dabbled in French & German as the idea of being able to read some of my favorite philosophers in their native tongue seemed necessary for full understanding. As the geopolitical landscape changes, however, I begin to think I should be learning Arabic or Mandarin...or, at the very least, some basic Spanish. Ah....
I would like to learn what my children really think about me as a parent and as a human being. I would also like to know whether all of the coincidental occurences that have helped me throuogh life are the work of someone who loves me in another dimension.
to control my tongue in particular
I would desperately like to learn how to die.Properly.To keep one's consciousness intact after the shock of death.(and yet I can't presently keep my consciousness intact after lunchtime.)
to anonymous: spend that lunchtime well the mystifying "it" has to do with central universal time- If you anonymous interview the worker then you will see that clocks are regarded with varying degrees of understanding and takes great confidence in what one plans upon for the remaining endurance of the physical human body one possesses, but knowing for certain that that flesh will crumble and dissipate is really distressing for cosmic 4&more dimensional beings! I would not wish to be a beautiful woman, so much greatness of self to be lost! One must take absolute confidence that existence is a highly beneficial examination in which 99% of all good things are furnished but tainted with 1% of a bad thing. Where one's existential mineral aligns magnetically (so to speak) to this tiny but important vein determines one's character in the astral snow globe of life. So chill, have a nice time and say no to the sinner Halliburton and selfsamesuch ingrained in the flesh, but then again, don't waste moralities on the galaxy, get down wit yer bad selves!!
acceptance of what is
Whaddya got for me, GQC ?

Actually, the ability to distinguish social speech, uttered to gain acceptance in a valued peer group, from great visionary leaps, uttered out of pure understanding.

Oh wait... I already know that!
I want to learn more about the universe and God and ETS, and just the whole meaning of life.
what would it matter, when i die, i will have access to infanite information.
I want to continue learning how to be a better person than I am now. If I can do that I'll consider this whole trip a success. If I can't then it's a failure no matter what else I learn. But I would like to learn other stuff as well, just to keep myself entertained. I don't really care what, I just like knowing things.
To not only be completely unafraid of death, but to look on excitedly knowing I am heading for a great adventure.
i'm hoping to un-learn everything that has been pounded into my brain during my enslavement to physical reality....
Why the desire for power over others at virtually any cost is so powerful in men.

Why there are so many pedophiles & what would cause this perversion in the first place.

Why the love of war is so distinct & intrinsic in men.

Why in the name of God, would God put men in charge of everything in the first place when it is the perfect recipe for disaster.
I want to learn how to communicate my thoughts, ideas, and feelings perfectly with others. That, at the moment, is my greatest wish, though the wish may change as my life progresses.
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