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New world order

Do you sense that a powerful transcendental movement is taking shape? If so, who are the leaders?

I sense the very opposite, that a negative force has taken hold of the world's people, and is fragmenting us into bullying groups of fundamentalists that cannot see their similarities for the perceived differences.

I am quite unnerved by this feeling.
If you remember, or have seen, the original Rollerball movie with John Houseman and James Cann I think you would agree that it was a very prophetic movie. Please disregard the crap remake that was released a couple of years ago. That was an insult to the original.
Transcendentalism was stillborn.
The best today's world can hope for is to find the wisdom that was in a child's mind before they were forced into a single line of beliefs. No one is born believing in God, Allah, Buddha or what have you. Neither were they born disbelieving or having no beliefs. A child's mind is totipotent, possessing all beliefs and none.
i definately think something is going up. i have seen several guides, from rob brezny yo stuart wilde. but i think it is going to be a self taught revolution.
Learn how to survive in a primative environment, be ready to head for the nearest wilderness area. Civilization as we know it is about to end. Be prepared, peak oil production has been reached, nothing is going to be the same. Your quaint philosophies
will afford you no mercy.
To me, a true transcendental movement would not need a leader.

Someone claiming to be a transcendental leader would either be another wild eyed revolutionary wanting power or a true visionary whose ideas will be corrupted one generation later. History has shown us both many times in the past.

A true transcendental movement would be a collective perception of things as they are, independent of politics, culture, and religion...similar to the above entry describing the child's mind.

Is it happening now? Now that anyone can communicate with just about anyone else on the planet at the speed of light, it may be fertile ground for the beginning of a transcendental movement. Secrets are an endangered species these days.
depends on whut channel you watch and whut chanel you smell. Channeling Chanel? What is there for one to transcend? The hunger and poop cycle and the knowledge of all the possessions you will never own? Please pass the ayahuasca brew. Many twerp that hole group approximation of a life-death transition experience inevitably centered round a cult of personality. Nothing wrong with that- the grand uninitiated need an example to imitate in the manual loosening of the pit which confines the spirit spark...but when the dollar/boner gets ahold of any ego! So look for your beacon in the margin of the gutter.
Wow! How odd, and the places that people run to hide. Try this, I don't need to tell say from where the quote has come. None the less it is a quote, perhaps to real. Lost in transendental mumbo jumbo.

"Then, brothers, it came. O bliss, bliss and heaven, oh it was gorgeousness and georgeosity made flesh. The trombones crunched redgold under my bed, and behind my gulliver the trumpets three-wise, silver-flamed and there by the door the timps rolling through my guts and out again, crunched like candy thunder. It was like a bird of rarest spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a space ship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures. There were veeks and ptitsas laying on the ground screaming for mercy and I was smecking all over my rot and grinding my boot into their tortured litsos and there were naked devotchkas ripped and creeching against walls and I plunging like a shlaga into them."

Knock, knock. Anybody home? You live in a world of ultraviolence go drink some milk.
I believe that a powerful transcendental movement is taking shape precisely because there ARE no clear leaders.
just in from Karova: ist nicht zer is the synthemesc that we cue fer- deden das sein
One cannot lead until you learn to follow.
Some great responses, this was a good one.

Personally, I think we're repeating the same cycle with exponentially nicer technology. I deeply hope the next two decades prove me wrong, cuz I'm way too young to be this cynical.
rob brezny and deepak chopra
Here, here, Tater Tot, well said!

A wise elder I've read
said a need would first arise.Few using the new communications media are hurting at present. However.. extrapolate a generation savvy with the instant commo, being squeezed hard enuf by circumstances
(global warming? WWIII ? Post peak oil great depression? Realtime Darfur Bloggers ?)
and need will meet potential.
It's leader will show up the day after.
All we have now is glimmers, pockets, hints.
Part of the meaning of transcendentalism is the abandonment/transcendence of the uniqueness perspective.

The idea that, "we are one," is a group process with many doers.

Any drop of clear water dilutes and cleanses the entire bucket of brackish water by at least the amount of the drop. Nothing is lost.
I see nothing of a transcendental nature happening- but if it does, please, please not including a leader. If it doesen't happen collectively,I don't want it to happen at all.
My dictionary describes transcendent as "going beyond, surpassing".I look at the last few hundred years as going beyond in a technological sense only.

I get the feeling that over a long period of time we have lost, as a species, much of what collective transcendentalism requirs & we are on a speedier slope downhill in the last several decades than at any other time.

I see more chaos & separation rather than collectively coming together. At this particular time, the only "New World Order" I see is the possibility of "Global Ruling", which is about as far from a "Transcendental New World Order" as you can get.

This is not depression. This is exactly what I see & feel of todays world. Geez, all you have to do is look around, everywhere, & keep up with the news. How could anyone think we are coming together in a transcendental nature?
if there are leaders there are followers and followers in my opinion are sheep.untill we learn to walk side by side our choices are not our own
Yes, we are all sheep. Who have gone astray,most are asleep. Yet those who seek shall find.
V for Vendetta in reverse...

The Global Elite of cousre.

We see it everyday, it is embeded into who we are... The foundation of America was built on thier concepts.

It boils down to the Lucifer, and all that worship him.

Many people worship the devil believing that they are in direct oppisition to him...
The Bilderberg group has been meeting in secret for a long time.
They are the movers and shakers of Hitler's "NEW WORLD ORDER" If you want to know more watch " ENDGAME - Blueprint for Global Enslavement"

It's free on google video
google "Alex Jones"
I think there is a definite movement in progress. For the first time in history, humanity is connected globally. The leaders of this movement, in a general sense, would be the media and the economical forces of governments. I believe people are beginning to realize the importance of self determination, and these global systems are becoming their own entities among society. It's almost as if the global society is functioning as an organism - with the economic and communication connections operating as the nervous system and the many small functional groups around the globe (local governments down to individuals) act as the many cells that keep the entire body operating.
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