Friday, February 03, 2006


The Six Thousand?

Which of the individuals highlighted at my page The Six Thousand would you a) most like to have as a future business/creative partner, b) have as your friend?

Bruce Campbell. Not in there you say? He's in my Six Thousand!
Interesting question. Freeman Dyson would be interesting to have as a creative partner, as would Ray Kurzweil, although Jimmy Wales might be the best business partner. On the other hand, either Maria Spiropulu and Lisa Randall would be interesting friends, since their interests are similar to mine.
Any one othem who is single, female, cute, and cazn look at me without vomiting.
a.)Xeni Jardin
b.)Marion Elizabeth Rodgers
Marion Elizabeth Rogers because she studies and writes on Mencken as did my dear friend and valued mentor, Dr. MKS, who achieved one of his three doctorates based on a study of Mencken. Dr. MKS, historian, english prof and lawyer now resides in a jail cell in Wichita Kansas fighting possible extradition to Canada for puportedly absconding with a million dollars willed to pets.
at this point I don't think I'm ready to be among the 6000.
Holy cats! I don't think I could stand to have any of those people as a partner or a friend! I'd spend every waking moment contemplating my own inadequacy and wondering what the heck this amazing person was doing in my company.

But I would dearly love to be a fly on the wall while any two or more of them have a conversation about any topic of their choice.
They all sound great, but having to pick one, I'd pick Maria Chudnovsky. She is interested in everything & so am I.
In fact I already have my first question for her- when sea level is given, lets say for Miami, is that at high tide or low tide?
Coral Hull.

There are so many listed that would be great for reasons listed, but my answer is still Coral Hull.
Fiorella Terenzi! (But for all the wrong reasons)
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