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What are coincidences? Do you find that they build on themselves, hit a crescendo, and then start to ebb before flowing again?

I wonder if the universe occasionally provides a conducive climate for similar events.

Science can always explain away conincidences, but it must, by its own definition, ignore any unobservable cause.

When I see someone, however, who has unsuccessfully searched for a good job for years be suddenly rewarded with multiple job offers in one week, it makes me say "hmmmm."
Ya, I do think they seem to ebb and flow. They seem to arise to the occassion, as my inner will spends more energy and attention to connect with its higher self and to the mystery. And this flow of will contracts and expands, perhaps synching in part with an underlying collective or gaian motive. Does that mean we have free will if we are subject to the design of a global mind?
co> of more than one
incidence>action within time space

the meanin'ful o'erlap of acausal events apprehensible to an observer (who) by instantaneously reviewing their dimensional experience determines that the nature and origin of the disparately originating phenomena being witnessed is too uncannily relevant to what that observer was thinking a moment before, and fits in all too piquantly with the esoteric beliefs of that individual, encouraging the notion that some omniscient narrator is monitoring human nuance and interjecting color commentary at relevant plot coordinates.
It's weird, I kept seeing the number twenty-three (I'm a big RAW fan) until that is, the twenty third, last thursday. Whilst thinking about this, I had an interesting thought. We evolved and now live under a giant fire ball, every thing we do is EXTREMELY improbable. I myself find this idea very disconcerting.
The ebb and flow is more within you than it is synchronicities lot. When you are free of whatever it is that holds you back ..and allow yourself to be fully connected to the universe and the many other realms that spirit exists in, that is when your energies begin to manifest. This is what most refer to as synchronicity.
ps..are you single?
more Questions GREY KING
Ok. Whoever reads 5 weasel words first gets to say bingo and wins. Synchronicity is the first one.
This is definitely a question of beliefs.

I believe coincidences to be intriguing, but nothing more. Merely unprobable circumstances asserting themselves. I'm not attempting to personify them, just saying that they're completely random.

Call me close minded, but it seems that four of these comments hold no relevance to the question at hand, and makes me wonder why posts are moderated in the first place.
The very question (“What is coincidence”) implies that it might be something more than the mere dictionary definition. Maybe the question should be “Is there more to coincidence than mere chance?”.

Each day for each human is a succession of literally millions of events. Most of these events we don’t notice. But our minds are tuned to detecting events of significance. This results in the illusion that our lives are filled with meaningful coincidences at a rate that’s statistically significant.
I think coincidence is simple a matter of two things; observational focus and the ol' "six degrees of separation".

For instance.... have you ever bought a new car and suddenly you see the same model everywhere where you had never noticed them before? You've tuned in.

And we've all experienced the sort of coincidence where we meet a stranger who ends up knowing our second cousin. If you work the numbers you should have a similar association with every second person you meet.
They are always present, and our inner chemical mix either blinds us to them, or sights us for them. As always in endorphic space, we tire, run out of dopamine, and blind up again for rest. Our true self, the inner lover, procreator, only needs the thinking portion of our being to find food, or a mate. In between we dream.
I have come to the conclusion thateverythign is connected.
a few days ago i was in class listening to music on my headphones quietly and the song i was listening to was "Konstantine" by something corporate when my friend asked me if i had seen the keanu reeves movie, "Constantine". I think this may have been the biggest coincidence in my life and to me it seemed like it was just too large a coincidence to be possible
My posts on synchronicity can be seen at

The most recent posts include a referral to Alvin Schwartz' "An Unlikely Prophet". Alvin used to be a writer for Superman and Batman comics. Given the cacaphony of modern existence, anything that tweaks our awareness into focus should be explored. One should not discount the mystery of synchronicity as skeptics would prefer, we should at least realize that science often discovers what at first was intuitive awareness.
everything happens for a reason. Learn from the signs. Pay attention to your intuition.
I've often noticed that when I learn a new word I seem to hear it used frequently in the next few days. That seemed odd until I realized that I learn tons of new words and then don't hear them again in the next few days. If enough stuff happens then some of it is bound to coincide.

On the other hand, my sister and I used to have strange coincidences of thought at a much higher rate than I've ever had with anyone else, and frequently in surprising detail, so I tend to believe that we have ways of communiacting that we don't appreciate.

Are coincidences meaningful? It's like art or currency...if it has meaning for someone then it's meaningful. If not then it's only pretty to look at, or ugly, or just wallpaper.
I know some people who do not believe in coinidence. That there is no such thing.
We live in a universe of probabilities. Everything is a coincidence of probability unless a conscious effort or decision is made to change it.
If I walk out to my car & an insect is flying above me, there is no earthshaking reason that this incident happened.
If I am involved in an accident after I leave, there is no trancendental figure that made it happen.
Coincidence is the name given to the effect of probability after the fact unless consciously made to happen.
A coincidence is a somewhat remarkable event that mystifies a person. This definition provides for an unlimited number of happenings-and all are opinions.

You could take random theory, chaos theory, & quantum probability & ascribe a theory of coincidence to each.

"Coincidence" is as elusive as the words random, chaotic, & probable. Which means to me, coincidence can be ascribed to every event in nature if there is simply someone who finds an event, or series of events as mystifying.

Coincidence is a name given to an event or series of events,that looks to be more mystifing than other events. We separate our favorites from others & I think that's pretty much as far as it goes.
There is no genuine synchronicity . As my friend Zack says in regard to so-called synchronicity , "It's all coincidence" !

Every state of affairs is NOT all connected .

Not every event happens for a purpose. Every event may have a cause ---but NOT all causes serve any purpose---and certainly NOT any mysterious purpose . Some causes are just situational .
Read the Old Testament King James Book of Ecclesiastes , it speaks of time and chance .Some situations are merely just by chance . Happenstance only .
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