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Cartoon meaning?

Here is a CARTOON at Can anyone explain what it means?

A traveler has pure joy in reunion with teacher. In a separate parallel universe representing the same cosmic coordinate but containing one grain difference, the beloved teacher bears a gift artificial to wisdom. Hope for the gift in the eternal heart of the student, likewise hope in the heart of the teacher, and fear in each for their own reasons now drive them apart. For hope and fear divide truth now.
1. The monk tells the sailor he's going to give him a pie. Needless to say, the sailor is overjoyed.

2. The monk gives the sailor a pie.

3. Having learned a lesson about how wanting material posessions will ultimately only cause suffering, not to mention stomach cramps, the sailor leaves.
The sailor is doing the splits, and the vicar says he is very good.
The vicar then gives him a cake and asks the sailor if he can teach him how to moonwalk.
But unfortunately the vicar does it wrong and they both depart.

Metaphysical oceans are not compatible with geo-physical oceans and thus any shared anniversary must be illusory (or transcendental).
It's in reverse order. The sailor character is sad. The robed man feels sorry for him, and gives him a pie. Then he jumps for joy. Yup, that's the depth of my analysis for today.
Juju man see boy happy.
Juju man think "must be boy birthday. Me bake him cake".
Boy say,"no juju man, it not boy birthday."
Boy turn round walk away.
Juju man turn round walk away.
Juju man stop. He turn round, look back.
Juju man still not know why boy happy.
Juju man sad.
Q:Can anyone explain what it means? A:The cartoonist can.
this is in french, right?
i have been checking CARTOON out for days..
this cartoon is directed toward enticing the asiatic firey dog into meditation comtemplation and contentment give a dog a bone and they may devour it, bury it,or naw at it until every dram of succulent pleasure is obtained)

somehow, i think if i knew what the old nursery rhyme Jack be nimble Jack be quick alluded to... it might help me with understanding this quantum leap cartoon.
these are some of the questions it poses for me
is that communion celebratory candle anniversary cake?
is the monk looking back checking out the sailor boy's jaunty little raised butt cheek
why did the sailor type leap perfectly split in air to please himself or another?
oh and hurrah for cartoons that are whimsically funny with no meaning
Yes, someone can.
Just for the sake of knowing who is who...person a is man on the left and person b is man on the right.
B does something spectacular and A notices.
A gives B a reward. B leaves without thanking A...that is why A is looking back at B...
Ignorance is bliss. (The light of knowledge brings pain.)
If you truly seek, you will find the truth.
It's all about expectations. Specifically unrealized expectations.... which is prolly one of the greatest causes of strife in our world. We want everything "wrapped" just exactly the way WE want it and will accept it no other way.Also the cause of great amounts of sadness and frequently shortcircuits our receiving ur HIGEST GOOD.
It means that no one is perfect, including cartoonists.
The sailor is happy, dancing, full of joy.

The vicar gives him the indigestible dough of religion.

The sailor goes away sad.
Yoy can have your cake & walk away with it too.
The sailor is excited to see his dad for the first time and after much searching, (as a matter of fact, to find this most mysterious person has been the sailors major quest in life), and is the reason he became a sailor. The priest recognizes himself in his son and offers him a birthday cake the first of many to make up for all the lost years between them and besides that ,the boy looks a bit thin. The boy stares at the cake and thinks, is that all he can do after all of this time? How about walking on water or making some fried fish appear or something, I'm hungry. The boy waits silently for a nanosecond to see expectations manifest and when they don't he walks away, it wasn't his favorite kind of cake to eat and have too. The papa priest accepts this and besides , how can he explain yet another immaculate conception to his higher brothers and he walks away too. He turns his head and thinks, what a good looking boy, did better on this one then the last.
I believe that either-

(1) The cartoon was published right after something happened that we are to associate it with & it happened too long ago, or

(2) After reading the 19 comments before mine, either we are all dense or the cartoonist is.
See the sailor was grateful to be alive. Hence the jumping about. Then the Vicar offered a cake celebrating the sailor's birthday. This first caused the natural delight of the sailor to vanish as he had not realized the day was that of his birth. Saddened that he had not remembered his own day for celebration the sailor walks away wondering what else the Vicar must know of him that even he may not. This while the Vicar ponders what at all the young sailor does know.
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