Sunday, March 19, 2006


Favorite site?

What's your favorite website? Why?


global news aggregator category coded by color and size
This fun that doesn't make sense...

Click on any link on the left, and than keep clicking...

Constantly updated with wacky stuff...
Straight-up legit crackpots goin' off 'bout globalism

landlords in muh hood
At the risk of being labeled narcissistic I must say my favorite website is my own. I enjoy the freedom to express my creativity, my humor, as well as my anger.
I write everyday. Today I added a new page titled God's Punishment Du Jour. This is in response to the religious leaders of the world who view natural disasters as God's punishment.

makes me want to think responsibly for a second
I think google is the most entertaining site, because it has lead me to the majority of sites I find enjoyable.
Definitely for real news and opinion.

As with many websites, this one began with the goal of promoting something. (Namely the artistic endeavors of its author and his friend.) However, as it grew it slowly became an art project in and of itself. It likewise failed wonderfully at its goal of self promotion.

It is now a painting on the pallate that is HTML. It is chaotic and confusing and filled with hidden or forgotten content. An ironic part of the clutter is the many failed attempts at constructing a page to organize it all coherently. Each attempt has remained and simply become another part of the mess.

As far as I know there haven't been any updates in a while. But its hard to be sure with a site so massive. because you can do anything there.

You will need headphones (pref) or speakers will unite us all. home of Whitley Strieber's 'radio' show, Dreamland.

also, Coast to Coast with Art Bell and George Noory at

one more site i check every day is:

cammy groodies horrorshowz ongone
Check this one out

Be sure to listen to what "Pucker"

Why?Is a good way to study anatomy.
Right now, it has to be the bare-knuckle Lohud discussion board. Leftists, rightists, newbies and old guard are having at each other's throats, with a will. Expect a final showdown soon, at a neutral venue, no quarter given nor expected.
Coast to Coast AM With George Noory, because it's always interesting and I learn a lot, keeps me open minded, and I enjoy the guests.
I don't have a favorite web site. I also don't have a favorite band, song, actor, color, car, book, movie, etc. All I have is my favorite right now, and tomorrow, or next week, or a minute from now I'll probably prefer something else.

At this moment, my favorite web site is this one. If it weren't I'd be elsewhere.

(All rules have favorite food is, and probably always will be...chocolate.)
Check out my website, check out mine:
David Z
Rita, hold onto yourself, because this one is my favorite. It's the only one I visit repeatedly.

I go to ebay quite a lot, but I don't know if that is described as a website. To me it's a store. I am actually starting to believe there was life on mars. Love the spooky music.

Even though I don't believe in the Photon Belt Theory and I am a total skeptic, these guys have been my friends. It's like a Phillip K. Dick virtual reality form. Can anyone lead me to a Rikey Gervsis type website?
Q) What's your favorite website?
Q) Why?
A) It's just so much fun (mis)managing it.
I go to this site almost everyday

I like news - excellent art galleries, book reviews and of course trip reports
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