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Future Job Skills?

What skills do today's children need to learn to do well in life and in their future jobs? Here's one idea:

"What are the [future office-place] skills that are going to be the most important for those kids? Is it going to be mastering new interfaces and keeping complex virtual relationships alive and multitasking and managing to think about new technologies in interesting ways? Or is it going to be algebra skills? I think you’d have to make the case that it’s probably the former, not the latter." -- Steve Johnson, "Around the Corner," Interview in March 20, 2006 TIME

I like that excerpt. Here is an article I came across recently - just a different point of view.
regarding the interfacia und virtual relations...acquiring and wielding the discrimination to detect and navigate systems and the systems and networks that exist within larger systems and networks. Standard operating equipment of most human examples is that moral litmus dipstrip that when turning a disgusting hue prompts the testor to find cause to infiltrate, commandeer and exploit the nuances of those systems and the systems within which they are an integral, symbiotic though sometimes clandestine get way ahead on all this if they have the little white computers with the bitten fruit
The state of war, overpopulation, disintegrating environment, global warming, primary resource extraction, untested genetically modified foods, species extinction, human greed etc. dictate the most prized and probable paradigm of future job skills:

1) Flintknapping
2) Hunting
3) Fire making
4) Primary shelter construction

and for the technologicly advanced:
resource extraction from former landfill sites.
Of course kids won't need algebra skills. They can have the computer do it for them! They need to be informed with technology but sad enough its the technology that will rip their jobs away.
Combat and battlefield triage.
How did education become so vocational? West Point curriculum used to include Greek and Latin as part of a complete education for officers. Don't expect to use algebra? Tough. One needs algebra to become complete. It establishes a certain discipline in the mind necessary for logical thinking.

I see pieces by professional journalists containing grammatical errors and faulty punctuation that would have earned me a second tour of fourth grade. Use of the pseudo-words "snuck" and "normalcy" have become so common as to cause Webster to surrender and admit them into the dictionary. Standards have been lowered.

The requirements of 19th Century education may seem impractical today, however the light of human knowledge seems to me to have dimmed despite the apparent brilliance of computer programmers. I suspect this may have something to do with the general state of things.
Niceness. A consideration for other human beings.

There is a distinct lack of nice people. I'd like to think that nice people would be more likely to get a job at interview than all the greedy, money-grabbing, selfish, [add synonyms here], not-nice people.

Of course, after the Apocalypse, altruistic acts will be the death of all the nice people. At that point I suppose only the ruthless will survive. So maybe ruthlessness, not niceness...
two little words: common sense!
The skill that kids most need to learn in order to do well in life and in their future jobs is this: the ability to recognize their own passions and to find or create a career built upon them. How does one teach that? I don't know. How does one do that? I don't know. But I'm certain it's the key to success and happiness.

I don't mean to say that's all they need. I'm in agreement with tater tot. Education has a value that is much greater than the salary you earn after graduation. We all lose when we fail to value education for its own sake.
I beleive that the state the world is in today dictates survival skills are to be most important for later in life.

The ability to make fire quickly and efficiently being foremost of all survival skills but also hunting and cleaning of game is extremely important.

but failing this i do think that people also need to be taught how to defend what they do secure. While some people may think that if you can survive in the wilderness you'll be fine. The problem is simply this: other people want what you have. And that is what may decide whether you die or continue
My daughter is writing her dissertation for a Phd in English & this is a big thing with her. The way I understand it, she says its not so much the specialization as the way in which the students are taught in schools & colleges.
The methods in which they are taught & keeping boredom out of learning is of utmost importance.
"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home". This vision was uttered by chairman of Digital Equipment Corp. in 1977.

Which means I don't know what's going to be there.

Well, except for business, teaching and, of course, lawyers.
How about making a vessel that will hold water?

building a fire with friction?

hand to hand combat?
kids need to be taught to think for themselves so as to escape slavery.
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