Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The Mystery of Brooklyn?

We all know so much about New York City. Many of us have been to the main part. We've walked down Fifth Avenue, seen Central Park, Trump Tower, the Empire State Building. We've seen Soho and Greenwich Village. We've been to the famous museums and wandered through Grand Central Station and Times Square. Yet Brooklyn, a term which we hear so often, remains a mystery. Few of us have ever been there, seen its buildings, or even know what is there. It remains an archetype of something that has meaning and supposed importance but can't quite be imagined in a concrete fashion. We think of it as a breeding ground of so many famous science writers like Asimov, Sagan, Gould and countless others -- but few of us can say where it is or point to in on a map, or articulate how Brooklyn has changed over the years and why someone would want to visit it today. Why did Brooklyn breed some of the most famous science popularizers of recent times? Brooklyn is a true mystery.

I'd rather live under a the desert.
Diversity. Large population. "Home to everybody from everywhere." Sounds like SF to me.
My memory of growing up in Brooklyn: softball team, mid-eighties, our caps pinned to the back of our heads so we could spray our bangs into the shape of a claw, black eyeliner, name-plate necklaces. It was great. Brooklyn is great. A microcosm of the world.
having traveled around the world i can honestly say that new york in general and brooklyn in particular are places that neccessitate a developement of a fantasy world[s] to escape to.
come visit!
Actually I didn't know about the science writers. I always found myself amazed at the number of entertainers that were from Brooklyn.
New York is America's original "melting pot". I've never been there,(Brooklyn), but it sounds like a primarily working-class area with people from all walks of life.

I'm sure it has a lot to offer most other places do not. When I look at where I grew up it's like comparing a struck match to the sun.

If you are the type of person who wants to "go for it", there are few places I can think of that would top Brooklyn for support in both people & access.

I'll have to ask Barbra Striesand.
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