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What is your favorite word?

TINTINNABULATION: The tolling of bells. Onamatapoetic. Found in a number of applications, notably Lowery's Under The Volcano during a description of a funeral procession.
The only word we have to say is word itself
Cafe -- because it is still a word when it is a number: 0xCAFE.
Defenistration: the act of pushing someone out of a window.
Pardon me: defenEstration
El Guapo, as in:

"In a way, each of us has an El Guapo to face. For some, shyness might be their El Guapo. For others, a lack of education might be their El Guapo. For us, El Guapo is a big, dangerous man who wants to kill us." This is from the movie, The Three Amigos, of course.

(El Guapo actually means "the handsome" in Spanish. If the person you are calling "El Guapo" becomes aware of this fact, it may somewhat spoil the fun.)
English: aquamarine

Italian: capo (as in "capo di macchina")

German: Zeitgeist

Croatian: cvrčak
Vicarious, cause it looks violent, but its meaning is innocent. Well, in twisted contexts I'm sure it could...mmm, nevermind.
sesquipedalianism- a disorder causing the sufferer to compulsively collect large words

cam anybody explain "Akashic" for me ?
(question from Munich, Germany)

Yours, Bodo
Google Akashic!
Canine Crusade. Can it be a combination?
What is whith this akashic epidemic phenomenon?
1) Cunt

2) Nigger

My intent is not vulgarity. These words are genuinely fascinating to me.
Sound-wise, I like “Neanderthal” (w/ the ‘th’ pronounced as in ‘thin’, and not like the ‘t’ in ‘tin’).
Purple, because it sounds pretty but has the explosive "puh" sound. Twice! Which makes it very satisfying to say when frustrated. Same with bugger, really, but although satisfying to say it doesn't come in conversation as much...
"Flocculent" - fleecy
Dusk. And Utopian, bugger does come into more conversation if you use it in place of some more commonly said curse words ( I work with kids and try to refrain from the others but with the right inflection, bugger works quite well)
a name: Queequeg! (polynesian sailor/warrior in Moby Dick and beloved prairie dog.)
Right now it's a tie between "hamster" and "chainsaw".
My favourite word to see written is ZOOM but I don't like how it sounds.
My favourite word to say is an spanish word:
and the therapeutic power of this word is undeniable.
You can say it angry,surprised,happy,resigned... and it always make you feel better.
Guarnate means sex in my own lenguage!! dont be copying my word!!
pumpernickel- simple, funny, edible. Others with this quality do induce fondness but they refer to feminine body parts and can't be said here.
supercalifragilisticespialidocious! LOL!
one day, but not today!!
I would choose the word WHY?

I feel that this single word exists in order for knowledge to manifest. This simple noun is the provocative 'ingredient' that must be articulated initially...followed by a listening moment in order to learn.
lately I've been very fond of "jag" (as a verb) and "nebby".
We actors don't get a lot of pool chlorine till we get "really" famous - but we live and breathe our pool chlorine regardless. pool chlorine
'celeriac' and 'samphire'
Negative- as in "your tests came back negative."
If not the most useful, certainly the most usable. Is there a sentence in the language, used as a noun, verb, or adjective, that "shit" cannot be used?
My favorite word is "reasonable". Is there a word in the language, that if followed by everyone, would do more to cure more of the world's ills, from family to global, if people were just reasonable?
the word "word" - there is no letter "letter" nor a sentence "sentence". It is the only written expression that contains its own meaning, except, perhaps, if one were to compose a poem consisting of nothing but the word "poem" or a song whose only lyric was the word "song"(or "lyric", i guess). The word "something" is also somewhat self containing in terms of its meaning, but not in the same fashion as the word "word". Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know? If I am, please someone tell me so.
i like the way "hydraulic" sounds when you spell it... "ach-why-dee-are-aye-you-el-eye-see"

just rolls off the tongue...

that and, "histrionics"
Карандаш is my favorite word.
It means "pencil" in Russian.
Elbow- go on say it , it rolls off your tougue.
Satan is a pretty word :D
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