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DNA of God: Proof of God's Existence?

Astronomers have observed an astonishing double-helix-shaped nebula near the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The nebula is 80 light-years in length and situated only 300 light years away from the massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

Thus, God's body spans the visible universe and beyond. Is this the DNA of God? Does it suggest to you that either God exists or that there are unfathomable mysteries beyond our possible understanding?

To me it proves not only that improbable things happen a lot ( because things in general happen a lot), but that people normally make assumptions and then find proof to back these up, which is not how logical thinking works. When thinking about these sort of things, it is pertinent to remember that one-in-a-million coincidences should be experienced roughly every two years, as aproximately 1000 things happen every day and two years is aproximately 1000 days.
In an infinite series of random events wonderous things occasionally happen. Let us not allow mere mysticism to cloud our interpretations of the universe around us.
I'm also inclined to think this is merely a " thunder is god bowling" explanation of the phenomenon. However, I do have an imagination and can apply it to these things and love to do so. It makes me wonder if we can't extrapolate what actual DNA would appear as to something living at the scale of us to the nebula. I think its pure human ego to deny the possibility outright though I highly doubt it as the explanation. Who was it that said "The universe is not only stranger than we suppose but stranger than we can suppose."?

I like that Cliff is on the edge of streching his imagination in this way. I wish more people did it more often. It's this sort of thinking (though certainly hit and miss)that advances us. It's also why great minds get laughed at and ignored. I adore this page Cliff. Great job.

The DNA strand as an image is such an integral part of our unconscious -- I recommend Jeremy Narby's book THE COSMIC SERPENT which explains this better than I can -- that finding this makes a lovely sort of sense. If when we looked in the mirror we saw what we really are, we'd see a double helix looking back at us. The symbol of intertwined serpents appears throughout history and is even used in the medical profession's symbolism, and this all long before we knew anything about DNA.

To call this "coincidence" as Alex does, seems myopic. There are SO MANY things science and logical thinking can't explain, yet science looks at any theory that encompasses these mysteries as automatically balderdash. It is in fact logical thinking that is balderdash, because, as chaos theory points out, it is impossible to maintain true objectivity. The truth can't be known from the senses, only from the "gut."
We live in a big wave particle, and people live in the wave particles of which we are composed. As above, so below.

Who is this "God" person?
It proves whatever makes you happy. To me it proves we're all made from stardust.
God is not visible unless it is beneficial to those He cares for. And as to the question of DNA, God is a spirit, and those who worship Him worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)
This proves absolutely nothing but the fact that we are lucky to be able to see it form where and when we are.
An old first nations story sheds some light on this sort of very human speculation on the vast enigma we are able to see, which would include the double helix nebula in question.

Everything within human speculation and observable experience exists inside a metaphorical teepee. In the centre there is a small fire, smoke rises to the opening at the peak of the teepee. It is dark outside and through the escaping smoke we see one or two tiny, vague, and distorted lights. This is all we will ever know of the great mystery outside the walls of our experential teepee. Worry about the nature of God is just that pointless. The double helix nebula is inside the teepee, within our microcosm not the ineffable inexpressible unnameable macrocosm. Not Wakan Tanka or even the toenail of Wakan Tanka if Wakan Tanka has a toe.
I think it represents that certain forms are universal, including the Double Helix. Were we to look, I'm sure that we will find spiral galaxies following the golden or Fibonacci spiral, and other forms as well.
Perspective is tricky. That's what makes astronomy, pornography and quantum physics interesting.

Pornographers have observed an astonishing ___-___shaped_____ near the center of our Milky Way Set. The______ is 80 centimeters in length and situated only 300 centimeters away from the massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

Thus, ____-____ spans the entire visible camera shot and beyond. Is this the ___of ____? Does it suggest to ____that either____exists or that there are unfathomable mysteries beyond our possible understanding?
either relationships exist or that there are pornos beyond our possible graphing
From a different angle it might look like a bunny. From our perspective it looks like a double helix. If what it means is more important than the phenomenon itself, then it's more along the lines of astrology than astronomy. And that's OK too.
Personally I can grasp the concept that God looks like a giant DNA-shaped galaxy much quicker than I can grasp the concept of the sexual relation.
I find it intriguing that only 1 in 12 comments even acknowledges God. Perhaps in this day and age, it's much easier to argue against God than for. Or at least, people are so much more willing to than not. And those who would, don't surf the internet enough to find this particular page and comment on it. Atheists and agnostics find religious believers ignorant, and vice versa. Maybe when we've all gotten over ourselves, we can discuss the existance of God, or lack thereof. Until then, all arguments fall on deaf opposition.
It proves big Helices were around, even when we didn't know.


Try to envision the formative conflux.
What a stupid question.
Very interesting question, because it makes me wonder just what geometrical object in space would serve as strong evidence of a creator. For example, if we saw 100 stars arranged in a perfect circle, that would convince me!
bla bla bla bla bla bla and cenrtenly bla bla bla and the bla bla bla assumptions of the bla bla bla bla bla and then...
love does not need a proof we all know is there!
big is better? the tiniest of flowers at my feet pushing through the cracks in my driveway are evidence that something marvelous is going on and it includes me........and you guys too.
As above, so below.
No, it suggests there is a nebula is 80 light-years in length and situated only 300 light years away from the massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.
I once had a cookie that looked like Elvis. I ate it. It wasn't Elvis,it just looked like him.
- Capo
I don't need a giant double helix to suggest to me that either God exists or that there are unfathomable mysteries beyond our possible understanding. But it sure is pretty.
just becuse its millions of light years away doesnt make it any better proof of devine existance than the virgan marys face I saw in a potato chip eariler, its all in what you make of it really
If God didn't exist then nothing else in the realm would,because, ALL is GOD and GOD is All. Why do people want God
to be an individual and not all that exists combined?
Hey speculators ! To see, understand and have even direct contact with Supreme(or God if you wish, but God became kind of meaningless term:) ) read, study and follow His instructions from Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam - all available on line for free, but I recommend buy it to have it anytime. That's all you need to do.
Playing with DNA or other experiments won't help. He is to smart for those kind of cheap tricks. You don't have to believe me, it's there all you have to do is read those 2 books, He had spoken many many times and what's the sense to reapet again and again. So need a proof ? Check it out.
I don't believe God has dna any more than I believe God has a Chevy. The nebulas shape is just a shape.
But the universe is a wonderous thing about which we understand virtually nothing.
We don't know what is underneath our own oceans, much less what is "out there".
We're like babies groping for pretty things on the ground & wondering what they are. That is what makes life so interesting.
If this represents the dna of God, does the Crab nebula represent something for God to eat?

Does the Horsehead nebula represent something for God to ride?

If this represents the existence of God, I'll drink buttermilk, & I'd rather be eaten by the Crab nebula.
It simply displays a very intriguing feature of magnetic fields. It is elegant, beautiful and breathtaking, but it is nothing more than the fundamental laws of the universe which are woven into the fabric of our very beings.

If this is "god" to you, then so be it, but please don't try to make it into some unexplainable mystery. You're only confusing the hell out of the theists and treating everyone else as if they were idiots incapable of understanding the basic workings of nature.
electricity is the most powerful force in the universe (something like 10 to the 34 times more powerful than gravity, you can do the math using the gravitational force and electric force equations between an electron and a proton and find out for yourself)

and this is meerly a by product of this. when electricity flows, or plasma, it forms double helices. coincidence? maybe. it's still just electricity(or magnetism as previously suggested) in space. thats how galaxies form. not gravity.
Why God should have a DNA ?
I'll tell you this.CSI Nairobi,a private forensic company here in Kenya just made African history by exonerating the first African using DNA.The guy had been accused of rape..but he was set free.You should have seen him on T.V.The guys was literally thanking God.

I will also tell you something else you do not know about DNA.

Your DNA is simply unique to you and contains the code of who you should be and your purpose here on Earth.

Obedience to this Genetic Code is obedience to God(Total trust in God means you must love Him with with all your heart,strength,might, are obedient to the 1st commandment).

So if you childhood dream(the code is very manifest when we are children - no wonder Jesus said the Kingdom of God belongs to such) was to be a teacher,then pursue that and you will go down in history as one of the greatest teachers,and so on.

Using your genetic code to assist others to benefit from your purpose is obedience to the 2nd commandment(love your neighbor as yourself).

When you do this 2 things,you have found the Kingdom of God.The entire Bible is about the obedience to the genetic code.

How do I know this?I am in that Kingdom.How can you find it?Pray,keep asking,keep knocking,and you shall find.

Until then,your life will never have meaning.

I wish you well.
This is truly proof of the giant flying speghetti monster. How can you not see it! RAMEN !
It suggests to me that there is an interestingly shaped (when viewed from here) nebula, and nothing more. Also, Alex claimed that "aproximately (sic) 1000 things happen every day and two years is aproximately (sic) 1000 days."

I must ask, is one of those 1000 things your having pulled this nonsensical "fact" out of your ass? Also, on what planet do these 500 day years occur?
It makes sense to me. Maybe God created us in His image. Maybe His image is a strand of DNA! Would God have been able to tell us that He looked like DNA to who ever it was that said "we are created in God's image" At that time nobody knew what DNA was or what it looked like. Maybe that picture is a glimpse of heaven. God is everywhere and is in everything... so it makes perfect sense that He would look like DNA. Thanks for this insight into my own strange religious beliefs.
This is a disturbing and misleading post in its interlocution and assumption of a god's existence and relevance to the wonders of the observed universe..
The presence of a cosmic helix is no surprise and our solar system is certainly only a tiny aspect of the "known" universe, so yes, like the Grand Canyon and all the plethora of natural phenomena, pattern and replication of pattern, it stands on it's own as astonishing, impressive, deserving of reverence and contemplation...the acknowledgment of a constructed supposition called "god" seems a diminishment of what is.
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